How To | Chocolate Bar Homemade Milkshakes

Hi guys! Ever since I started my liquid diet a few weeks back due to double jaw surgery, milkshakes have become a biiig part of my daily diet. I couldn't stomach the too-sweet protein shakes, so I eventually decided to make my own ones at home. I can't eat solids right now so I incorporated my favourite chocolate bars into the shakes for a treat. It's a fantastic way to use up leftover Easter eggs and they're quite inexpensive to make. I've had tonnes of you request a 'how to' on making my milkshakes - it's SO simple, you'll be surprised! 

What you need:
A blender/ food processor/ smoothie maker.
A glass to serve your shake in, and to measure with.
A knife to cut the ice cream.
Cow juice, aka milk.
A standard block of your preferred ice cream (vanilla's best for these shakes).
Your favourite chocolate bar/s - mix it up!

My favourite chocolate to use?
Plain old Dairy Milk, Kinder Buenos, Buttons, Flakes and Creme Eggs.

Let's get shakin'..
  1. Fill up your chosen milkshake glass with 2/3 of milk. (You can use any type of milk you like - if you're on a liquid diet like myself, try and use full fat milk and ice cream, as you need to be getting as many calories and nutrients into you as you can during recovery.)
  2.  Cut 1/3 off of your block of ice cream.
  3. Place both into a blender, and then crumble in your chocolate/s of choice.
  4. Mix everything together in your blender, until smooth.
  5. Voila! There's your shake. Simple, right?

The guidelines above are obviously for one serving, in a medium-sized glass. Alter your measurements and ingredients, depending on how many you plan to make. To spruce your shake up a little, you can always add whipped cream and a flake. They're ideal to make for parties, especially for children! Instead of chocolates, you can always try using jellies and soft sweets. Experiment and have fun with it. Bon appetit!