Essie 'Action' Nail Polish | Review

I have officially found my nail polish for Summer, everyone; Essie's 'Action' is the new love of my life. There is nothing better than applying a nail polish that instantly transforms your look and brightens up your day, fact! I bought four Essie nail polishes recently from Fragrance Direct for £1.99 each (quite a steal, as they're usually around €10 to buy in stores here). One of the polishes I bought was this juicy orange shade. Orange is never a colour I'm drawn to, but 'Action' immediately caught my eye as it wasn't too OTT and I had nothing in my collection that was similar.
Most orange nail polishes can be quite one dimensional or too luminous - 'Action' is a unique shade in itself and one I haven't seen before on the high-street. It took 2 coats for complete opaqueness, but looked best after 3. It took less time to dry than 'Bikini So Teeny' (see review here). I applied a top coat after 15 minutes and it was good to go at 20. It lasted 3 days in total, with minimal wear at the tips and the sides. It'll be my go-to shade for Summer and it's one I'll definitely repurchase once I've used it up. I'm starting to understand the hype surrounding Essie nail polishes now, as quite frankly, they're brilliant! Between the shade range, quality, longevity, the easy to handle brushes and the packaging, I'm so impressed. 

Have you tried 'Action' before? What's your favourite orange nail polish?