Friday, March 1, 2013

M.A.C 'Violetta' Amplified Lipstick | Review

Oh, Violetta. How long I have searched for thee! I've been on the hunt for MAC's Violetta lipstick for two years; fact. It's a permanent lipstick in the MAC Pro range and every time I've gone to London, I've travelled to the Soho Pro store because of this one lipstick. Every time I went, it was sold out. However, I popped into MAC on Grafton Street around Christmas time and one of the lovely girls told me she had a spare Violetta in her kit and would give it to me. I, of course, offered her money and a swap but she handed over this little beauty to me free of charge! I love it even more, I was thrilled.
Why do I obsess over Violetta so much, you ask? Well, look at it! It's a vibrant violet, that's a completely unique shade and pops out in contrast to my pale skin. It has an Amplified finish, so it's creamy and has high-impact colour pay-off. (Impassioned is my other favourite MAC lippy, which is also an Amplified finish; I bought it around two/ three years ago and still love it to death.)
The lipstick is is a blue-toned purple, that can slightly change colour depending on who's wearing it. I usually wear a fuschia-pink or bright purple lipliner underneath it, depending on what way I want to go with the shade. I usually need to apply 2 coats of the lipstick for a complete opaque pay-off, as it can look semi-sheer with just one application. It lasts well on the lips, but I do advise wearing a lipliner with it to ensure it stays on and doesn't bleed outside of the lip line. It's around the usual €17-20 mark for a MAC lipstick, but of course that can change depending on what currency you're using and how you buy it. I'm aware that you can order Pro products into regular Mac stores, but I'm not sure what stores in Dublin do that unfortunately. Violetta sometimes pops up in some of the MAC limited-edition collections (e.g. Venomous Villains), so snatch it up while you can if you see it in a future launch. I adore Violetta - till death do us part, I say!


  1. Wow, i absolutely love the colour!

    I wish I could wear this too, but my hair´s very red, I think it would not look too good on me :/

    Still, I bet you look great with it :D

    1. Red and purple go great together! I bet it would look gorge!

  2. awww i wish i could have violeta too <3

  3. I've never seen much about this lipstick, WHY?!? It's gorgeous! Such a shame all the best colours limited edition :( xx
    Lisa | MISSLISA.co.uk

  4. It's a colour that would never suit me but in the same time I think it looks really awesome!!

    Great post!


  5. very pretty colour!


  6. OMG I want this now, such a nice colour. so nice of taht girl to give it to you :) x

  7. This colour is amazing! But you'd have to be very brave to wear it xx

  8. Oww lucky you! IT is such such a pretty colour, A really unique colour, Shame they didn't bring it out in a matte so it would be a more opaque colour!

    Pipp xx

  9. This colour is definitely on my MAC-lipstick-wishlist (it actually exists) - I am in love with it! It looks a little scary to wear, but make-up is all about having fun right?! :)


  10. I love this colour, I don't know if I could pull it off though! xxx

  11. Great pictures, from Indonesian with love

  12. This looks unreal...!
    However, wondering if you find it brings out a yellowish colour in your teeth?
    I've been to afraid to buy purple lipsticks for that reason..

  13. The shade of this is stunning! Not sure I could pull it off though :/ X


  14. I would never think to pick up this shade but it's actually really gorgeous! I can imagine myself wearing it on a night out, I need to be more adventurous when looking on the make up counters I think!

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  15. I find this colour a little intimidating but I've seen it on you and it looks amazing and unique!
    I might have to bite the bullet and give this a go :)


  16. this lipstick screams ,, I am Leanne ". Even I can´t imagine me wearing it (coz of my skin shade) it has to look totally fab. on u :)
    we don´t have MAC in my country but I am going to England this year for an exchange. I need some MAC lipstick any recommendation ??? let me know
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  17. The colour on this is amazing, it suits you so much!

    Megan xxx

  18. Been looking for this colour everywhere:-(

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  20. Yay! I want to have this! XD The color is lovely.
    ~Pauline @ Benefit cosmetic Philippines


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