MAC NW10 Studio Fix Fluid Foundation | Review

I picked up MAC's new NW10 Studio Fix Fluid Foundation release, the minute it came out a month or two ago. They've never offered a foundation or concealer pale enough for me before, and the previous lightest shade, NC15, was far too dark and yellow for my skintone. I was dying to head in and swatch this foundation; finding pale foundation is beyond difficult, so finding one that matches my skintone is genuinely so exciting! I was over the moon when I saw it matched; yellow-toned, but not too yellow. Pale enough, and fantastic coverage! I bought it instantly - it was around €32 for the foundation, and I had to pay an extra fiver for the pump (not impressed).
After using this foundation for a while now, I have a feeling that it'll become my go-to for the next few years. It was the second MAC foundation I've ever tried - my first was a compact foundation when I was 13; I was matched to an NC25 which is hilarious! I probably looked like a total Oompa Loompa walking around. MAC foundations don't get the best rep, let's be honest - I was anxious to see how it would work with my skin. I was so surprised to find how much I loved it, and I've been wearing it daily since I purchased it. My Make Up For Ever foundations have been abandoned! 
If you like light, dewy foundations, you'll dislike this. If you're like me, and like medium-heavy coverage, you'll love it! I usually use 3 pumps on my entire face, buffing it in with a regular foundation brush or mini stippling brush. The coverage is buildable, so you can leave it at a medium coverage or pack it on if you're having extra trouble with your skin or if you're heading on a night out. It can look a slightly bit too dark/ yellow when swatched on the hand or first applied to the face initially, but it blends in extremely well and matches my milk-bottle skin to a T.
The only downsides to the foundation are the smell, although you do get used to it. It smells quite chemically - I can see where the "paint stripper" descriptions come in for MAC foundations now! I don't even notice it at all anymore though. The second downside is that it can sometimes separate on the T-Zone (especially around the nose). I have oily-combination skin, so I use a primer all over my T-Zone to prevent makeup from moving and disappearing. Regardless of what primer I use (Clarins, Benefit, Smashbox etc), it can separate and look "scaly". It's quite easy to fix though with a dab of some concealer and powder. 
I adore the coverage of this foundation, the shade, how it has SPF 15 and just how fantastic it is overall. It lasts all day on my skin, apart from the T-Zone patchiness but that's easy to fix. I highly recommend trying this if you're as pale as me, and like a good coverage foundation. It's 100% worth the  money, and I do suggest buying the pump as the lid can get grubby and messy. The girls in MAC on Grafton Street and BT2 Dundrum are all extremely friendly and helpful, so go in and ask about it and try it on! I really hope MAC continue to bring out lighter (and darker) foundation and concealer shades in the future.

Do you use MAC foundations? What do you think of them?