Skincare | Toners - Reviewed

One of my favourite products to use during my daily skincare routine is toner; I love the feeling of it on my skin and I always feel refreshed after using it. I've tried out heaps upon heaps on toners over the last few years; the four pictured above are my most recent tries. If you don't use a toner, I'd highly recommend that you start to! It removes any excess cleanser that mightn't have come off after washing, it closes your pores and leaves your skin feeling fresh and cleansed. (Sometimes I apply my cleanser, and then remove it with a toner. Especially if it's a cream cleanser!)

Boots Traditional Skin Care - Glycerin And Rosewater (around €3):
I picked this up in Boots a few months ago, as I loved the Victorian-esque packaging and concept of the product. I found it on the bottom shelf of a skincare section in Boots, alongside the Cold Cream from the same range. Unfortunately, this toner doesn't work for me at all. As the packaging states; it's toning and moisturising. It's definitely something that dryer-skinned ladies would benefit from more. It leaves quite a greasy, unclean layer on my skin and doesn't do anything at all for me. It smells nice, and looks nice but that's about it.

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cleansing & Toning Lotion (around €3):
Last year, I suffered from bad stress-related breakouts on my face and I tried every skincare range under the sun to combat my blemishes. I was impressed with the Foaming Face Wash from the same Boots range, so I thought I'd give this toning lotion a go. I used it solely for toning, after a separate cleanser and didn't get on too well with it either. The alcohol-smell and consistency really bothers me, it's a characteristic in toners that I hate. My skin almost stung after use, and felt tight and dry. However, it did dry up the blemishes I had. I also love the smell of Tea Tree, which this has big-time. I used quite a bit of the toner hoping it'd help my skin, but in the end it just irritated my face and did nothing for me.

Liz Earle is a brand many a beauty blogger loves and raves on about; I tried their ever-so famous Cleanse & Polish last year and didn't get on with it unfortunately (review here). The lovely girls over at Liz Earle sent me out this toner and the Light Moisturiser (keep an eye out for a review soon) to try out, to give the brand another go. I'm nearly finished using this toner; it's alcohol-free, soothing and does the job well. It smells beautiful, very spa-like. However, like most toners, it just didn't make any massive difference to my skin. For the price it is, I don't think I'd repurchase it. I'm delighted I tried it however, as I tend to be a complete curious cat when I read about hyped-up products. 

Clarins Toning Lotion (Combination-Oily Skin):
I picked this extra-large bottle of Clarins' toning lotion up as part of an airport deal in September, hence why I haven't added a price. (I presume it's around €15-25 to buy the 200ml bottle - if anyone knows, please let me know in the comments!) Alike to the Liz Earle toner, I really like this product but probably won't repurchase it - mainly because of the price it is. I'm head over heels for Clarins at the moment, as you all know, and was keen on trying a bunch of their skincare products out last year. It's a lovely toner, it really gives your skin that gorgeous tingly, cleansed feel after applying it. It smells nice, does its job well and I love how this 400ml version of the bottle has a pump. 

To sum up; I do not think toner is a product you need to spend a lot of money on (from personal experience). Even though it's one of my favourite products to use, it's definitely not mindblowing or has any massive effects on my skin. 
I know the two high-street toners I recommend above aren't my favourites, but I still opt for a cheaper alternative whilst shopping for one if I can. Simple's toner is probably my all-time favourite (not pictured). It's inexpensive, non-irritating and does the job well. I've used it more than any toner in my life - it was actually part of my first ever skincare routine! It comes in a trademark green bottle, has no fragrance and is super-kind to the skin. I think I may just have to pick up a bottle up tomorrow..

What is your favourite toner? Do you prefer high-street or high-end toners?