New Look Spring/ Summer '13 - Press Preview

I attended the fabulous New Look Spring/ Summer '13 press preview event in The Dylan Hotel, last week. New Look have always been one of my favourite high street shops to have a peak in for Spring/ Summer clothes - especially for their shoes and accessories. Over the last few months, they've improved greatly and I'm uber excited for their newest pieces for the coming season.
The press day was lovely, it was refreshing to see bursts of colours everywhere as soon as you stepped inside the door! The 60's were a huge theme, again; floral blouses, ladylike Jackie O-inspired dresses and two-pieces. Denim and stripes were another two big trends for the shop, with rails upon rails of denim jackets, skirts, shirts and more. Ideal for DIY! Their accessories were without a doubt as beautiful as always; fringed bags, neon shoes, embellished collars and Navajo-chic jewellery. I was really impressed with their swimwear in particular though, I mean look at that lion swimsuit (pictured below)! Gorgeous, so-so gorgeous. Everything is fun, bright and doesn't break the bank - perfect for festival and holiday shopping.
If you haven't given New Look a chance, pop in over the next few weeks. I'd highly recommend having a peek in their Jervis shopping centre branch (Dublin city centre) for the best range of stock - it's the biggest New Look in Europe, don't you know! I went in over the weekend and came out with a bag of jewellery and a lovely jumper (what I bought). I'm very impressed overall. Happy shopping!

Like anything you see? Do you shop in New Look?


  1. Love New Look. It's one of those shops you don't actively seek out but once you're in there you remember how good a shop they are! And that bag with the studs and fringe, I'm in lust with it.

  2. the new season stuff looks amazing, the neon clutches <3 wish i could have made it.x

  3. Wow, love this. Excited to see this in my local store!


    Sue x

  4. Looks like some exciting stuff! So can't wait for the Summer now! xx


  5. I don't usually shop in New Look but the tribal necklaces and bags are really nice, x

  6. the colours and patterns look great!



  7. I actually discovered your YT channel because of a New Look haul you made - it seems like not many fashion vloggers shop there and I can't seem to understand why, they have the exact things you could find in Topshop but for much cheaper/the right price!

    ps. congrats on your 5k fb subscribers xx

  8. Ooh looks good, excited to find all these items in shop :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  9. I love new look! Amazing stuff they never fail to amaze!

    pipp xx

  10. I was unfamiliar with New Look as they didn't have one where I used to live, but now I've moved to London I always go in to have a look! This collection looks really good, will definitely check it out :)


  11. The Lion Swimsuit, I need it for my holidays! Another great post Leanne!

    Megan xxx

  12. Love the bag with the stud and fringing! xxx

  13. I never thought of wearing a collar piece with a tshirt. The band tshirts will spruced up! - Claire

  14. Omg, that Lion swimsuit though. Actual tears :L

  15. Love that grey biker style jacket!!



  16. I went to New Look in the Jervis in town last week. They had a DJ playing! Really am beginning to like New Look of recent times!

  17. New look is fantastic, they keep up with the latest trends at great prices. I love all the colours I see in your photo, excellent post.


  18. Love some of the prints on these! Cannot wait for summer!

    Http://hannhrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xx

  19. looovvvee that flower skirt!!


  20. Can't wait to see this hit the stores! I love the laser-cut clutches, need to get me one of those for a sunny day.

    By the way you have a lovely blog, it's my first time reading it today! x

  21. will have to take a trip to New Look soon, love all the floral clothes :)


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