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 I'm sure all of you beauty nerds are very aware of this makeup bag staple, the 80-odd year old tube of delight; Elizabeth Arden's ever-so famous Eight Hour Cream. It was created in the 1930s, originally to treat Arden's horses - she soon realised just how beneficial the cream was for people also, and the rest is history! Eight Hour Cream was a complete mystery to me, up until last September. I'd read heaps upon heaps of amazing reviews on it, every MUA and beauty editor here and there were raving on about how much of a must-have it is. I finally picked up a tube in the airport, on the way home from London Fashion Week. It was around £20 to buy in the duty-free, but it's currently selling for around €31 (regular price) in Irish stores. This was indeed a product I bought into for the hype initially, I was immensely curious as to what was so amazing about it! Do I regret spending my last bit of sterling on this cream? Not one bit - it's fantastic.
The original Eight Hour Cream is known for its peculiar scent - some love it, some detest it. I was scared to buy the original in case I didn't like it, so I bought the latest fragrance free version instead! First off, I still don't know what the original smells like, due to there being no tester on the day - I need to smell it someday, as I'm still curious. However, I half regret not buying the fragranced version -  I'm not sure if it's only me (let me know in the comments), but this fragrance free version does have a smell. Not a fragrance as such, but it does smell a little funky. It doesn't bother me too much, but it's definitely something that could put people off.
I use the Eight Hour Cream mostly on my lips, nose and hair. It moisturises and repairs my lips like no other balm, leaving them feeling plump and renewed after a good night's sleep with it applied liberally. It doesn't sting, feel sticky and it lasts ages. It's my staple product to reach for when I have a cold, as it's the only thing that rescues my nose when it cracks and dries up. I blob this on all around the cracked and chapped skin, and within a day it's soothed and healed. This is always in my makeup bag, so I tend to use it as a hair de-frizzer quite a bit when I'm not at home. I warm a pea-sized amount of the cream in my palms, and smooth my hair ends with it as if it were a serum - it works perfectly!
Eight Hour Cream can also be used to tame unruly eyebrows, to moisten hands and dry patches, to add a glisten to your cheekbones and eyelids, to condition nail cuticles - the list goes on and on. It's the definition of an all-in-one beauty product; an absolute staple to have in your makeup bag!
The price may seem steep for a 50ml tube, but it lasts absolutely yonks. I use it daily, yet after 4 months, it looks like it's barely been squeezed! It's completely worth every penny, and it's a product I'd highly recommend everyone to try out - but definitely have a smell first, to see which version you prefer. 

Do you use Eight Hour Cream? How do you use it most?


  1. I love 8 hour cream, it's my before bed staple! I usually use it on my lips during the winter, it's a god send for chapping!

    Http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xxx

  2. wow is there nothing this cream can't do! Definitely on the look out to pick this up.


  3. I use the fragranced version for my lips (best balm I've come across) and the scent is a little strange at first but it's not unpleasant, you don't really notice it after you've been using it a while :)


  4. I love Eight Hour Cream for winter to get rid of dry patches and on my lips..such a good multi use product!

    Shannen | shann-mariee-dee.blogspot.ie

  5. Oh this sounds great, I don't know if I want to try it though, need to get my hands on a sample too!



  6. Thanks for doing a review on this. I'm still debating on whether to get some or not, but I'm leaning towards getting. I use the Eight Hour Cream Lip Balm every night before going to bed, and it works wonders! When I wake up, my lips feel great.


  7. I need something like this in my life! i have been looking for something like this for a while and didnt think to go to a brand like this!

    Pipp xx


  8. I seriously adore Eight Hour cream. I have sandpaper dry skin and sometimes I just slather it all over before I go to bed (and then sleep on my back!) and by morning it's all absorbed and so soft.

    At first I really hated the smell but it totally grew on me and now I love it. It reminds me a little of a medicinal sherbet.

  9. I love it on my hands!
    I actually like the scented one but I get that it isn't everybody's.

  10. I HATE this stuff and I haven't ever found someone with the same opinion as me! I have pretty good skin and NEVER break out due to makeup or any other beauty products. I don't know what it is about this stuff though because whenever I use it I get awful spots! You're lucky you got the fragrence free version because it smells horrible!

    I wish it worked for me like it does everyone else!


  11. I can't stand the smell of Eight Hour Cream however despite the stench, I can't live without it. Amazing for dry, chapped skin!

  12. Love my EA cream! Use it on the lips and for dryness around my nose!

  13. The ghastly smell notwithstanding, I wholeheartedly agree that the Elizabeth Arden cream is seemingly an excellent skin 'healer'... although even as a medic I can't quite figure out exactly how or why it works so well. Another great tip is to use the thick Nivea cream (the one in a blue tin/pot with a foil lid) - as a face mask at night (when alone... if anyone tries to kiss you - they'll slide off!)... hugely 'greasy' feel and doesn't do your pillow a great deal of favours but in the morning your skin will look radiant and feel incredibly soft. It also seems to help fade scars - especially on children (again, I'm afraid I can't tell you why) - although you'll need to rub it in firmly but gently everyday for several weeks once the skin has started to heal - I used it to help fade my appendectomy scar (daily for 3 months) and it is barely visible now.

  14. I've been wanting to get this FOREVER, but I'm so scared to spend so much and end up not liking it as much as I anticipated. I have combination skin, and by combination I mean one day it will be so slick and oily and the next it will be dryer than the Sahara. I also get spots quite often, so I'm a bit sceptical. Anyone else have combo skin type and use this? Does it aggravate acne? Does it make your skin go oily after a full day under make up??
    I'm also keen on buying it for my shoulders, knees and elbows as they're constantly dry.

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  16. I put this on my face and it makes my skin so soft :3


  17. I put it on my elbows, knees and heels. Works brilliantly. I'm prepping for a spray tan at the moment so I will be using it daily.

  18. I put it on my elbows, knees and heels. Works brilliantly. I'm prepping for a spray tan at the moment so I will be using it daily.

  19. I liked to buy different types of perfume. Last month i bought five different brand perfume for my personal uses,

  20. I use it on kids . Whenever they have chipped lips,scratches or mosquito bites. It heals fast. On new pimples, it makes them softer quicker. Am trying the miracle moisturiser no on my acne . I trust this stuff


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