Dr. Woods Tea Tree Cleanser & Cucumber Soap | Review

I'm a complete sucker for all things natural, so when I was sent out these two Dr. Woods products a while back, I was dying to try them both out! I always give myself a good while to try and test skincare products to post on here, as I have quite irritant and changeable skin - skincare is also something that can't be reviewed after a week; skincare products take time to work and make a difference to the skin! I received both the Tea Tree Facial Cleanser* for Combination/ Oily Skin and the Garden Cucumber soap bar.
The Tea Tree Facial Cleanser has been my go-to product to use when my skin's having a troublesome time. Unfortunately, I break out often and my skin has been something that has constantly been an issue for me - regardless of diet, skincare, makeup etc. To calm breakouts and irritated areas, I use this Tea Tree cleanser both morning and night. The Tea Tree oil helps to heal blemishes and calm the skin down. It feels absolutely gorgeous after use, and my face feels completely cleansed and tingly after a gentle wash with mild water. After around 4-5 days of using this, along with other blemish-tackling products, my skin is soothed and clearing-up. As well as Tea Tree oil, this cleanser also contains Gamma Tocopherol (anti-oxidant - great for skin repair), Allatoin (anti-aging properties, speeds healing) and Botanical Extracts (rosemary and aloe vera). It's 100% natural, vegan-friendly and free from all of the junk you can usually find in skincare products. I'd highly recommend giving this a go if you suffer from breakouts, and find nothing else works on your skin. Sometimes harsh chemicals make peoples' skin even worse, so it's best to try products from both ends of the scale. I find that natural products tend to work better for me at clearing breakouts up and having a lasting effect.
As well as having irritable skin on my face, I also have irritable and sensitive skin all over my body - especially on my arms, chest, back, neck and thighs. I always have to be cautious about what skincare body products I use - especially shower gels, as I seem to react most to them out of anything! However, I recently reacted to a new washing powder my Mum bought, and the skin all over my body went crazy. I ditched my usual shower gels and bubble baths a few weeks back, and used this soap to wash myself instead - it all felt very old-school! The smell of this soap is beautiful - fresh, natural and it has a classic "soapy" scent. After using the soap for around 3 weeks now, and continuing to use it, my skin has healed dramatically all over my body. I sometimes find that it's best to go back to basics, as my skin can go crazy over the slightest reaction to a product. This bar of magic contains mint leaf to gently exfoliate the skin, as well as organic shea butter, Vitamin E and many more skin-loving ingredients. It's gluten-free, 100% vegan and paraben-free.

Unfortunately it's quite difficult to find Dr. Woods products, but after a search online I found that this website and Amazon are your best bets for picking a product up!

For more info, visit the Dr. Woods website here.