Wishlist #1

Chanel 2.55 bag // 'Morange' M.A.C lipstick // Nikon camera // 50s cat-eye glasses // Jeffrey Campbell Black 'Tardys' // Leopard -print iPhone cover // Diesel 'Loverstruck' perfume // YSL 'Manifesto' perfume //

Evening all! I've decided to attempt my first wishlist post, as I'm currently obsessed with reading fellow bloggers' lists. I started off with my general wishlist of 2012; bits and bobs I've wanted for aaages!
I'm an absolute newb to cameras, and my trusty pink digital brick (camera) has lasted me 4 years but is officially on its way out. Nikon cameras seem to be the most popular amongst bloggers and Youtubers -  preferably I'd like to pick up a secondhand one, as the price of "professional" cameras kill me. If you guys have any recommendations, please leave them below in a comment! I want it compact, but sturdy. Professional looking, and all that jazz..
I've wanted a black Chanel 2.55 bag since I was a child, literally. I needed to stick into my first wishlist post! It's the only bag I'll 100% be head over heels in love with, and I'm determined to save my ass up for one next year. They're extremely expensive, naturally seeing as they're Chanel but they're an investment piece. I'd never cheat on it with another bag, it's too perfect. Sigh.
I've never owned a pair of Jeffrey Campbells before, never finding myself being able to justify paying the price for a pair. I like heels, don't get me wrong but I rarely wear them. I'm more likely to head out to a club in my Doc Martens, than I am heels. That being said, I rarely go "out-out". However, for the last few months I've been eyeing up the Tardy style. The most beautiful wedged shoes I've ever seen; chunky, biker and classy all at the same time. They're perfection! I recently bought a pair off of one of my favourite Youtubers/ best internet friends Gracie aka UglyFaceOfBeauty. Most of the Tardy boots online were sold out, so I went to realms of Twitter to ask if anyone was selling a pair. Grace sold me these babies for £60, and oh I'm too excited to receive them this week. 2012's greatest purchase? I think so!
The 50's cat-eye glasses pictured above are not the exact style I want, as I don't want sunglasses - I want actual 50s glasses to see. I've been trawling the internet lately for a pair of leopard print or plain black winged frames, as my current pair of glases are vile and dated. I wouldn't be embarrassed stepping outside the door in a pair of these bad boys, they're gorgeous.
I was recently given an iPhone 4s off of my lovely Uncle who works for a phone company, and of course I'm having difficulty with it so it's not running at the moment. (I'm jinxed with ALL phones.) I'm in desperate need of a leopard print case for it, as I'm determined to not let it get scratched/ smashed. I also really want an OTT "kawaii" case, with a gazillion bits and bobs stuck on in every colour. Cute and tacky! We'll see.
Beauty-wise, I've been lusting after a particular lipstick and two perfumes lately. MAC's 'Morange' lippy screams at me every time I step foot in a MAC shop. It's orange, it's creamy and it's bright. I think this needs to be my Christmas lipstick, don't you? I've been obsessed with Diesel's 'Loverdose' and YSL's 'Manifesto' perfumes lately, both completely different scents to each other but both completely DELICIOUS! I've asked for Loverdose as a present off of my Mum for Crimbo, so I might snatch up Manifesto for myself in the sales! You can never have too many perfumes.

Please let me know what you think of these wishlist posts, and if you'd like to see more of them! What are you lusting after recently?