Events // Lancome & Clarins

 Afternoon everyone! I recently attended two fabulous events, hosted by Lancome and Clarins. I'm currently obsessed with French makeup and skincare brands, so I was thrilled to attend both. I attended Lancome's Christmas party and Spring/ Summer '13 makeup collection unveiling, in the beautiful Shelbourne Hotel. The makeup for Spring was of course bright and fresh, including some gorgeous lip-balms and coloured liners. The turquouse liner caught my eye straight away, and it's such a beautiful alternative to use instead of a black or brown pencil. Emma Watson, the brand's ambassador, had a hands on approach to the whole collection herself - I love her!
We ate the most delicious fish and chips, along with some yummy mince pies! It was a fantastic night, and I was delighted to finally see what Lancome was really about. It's a brand I've never 100% looked into before, apart from their eye makeup removers and mascaras, so I'm so excited to try my new Lancome products! I've already fallen head over heels for their Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector, which was nicely included in our goodie bags; I'm currently using it at as my nighttime moisturiser and already in a few days it's improved my skin. I'll be reviewing a heap of these products in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out!
One of my current favourite brands, Clarins, held a wonderful event in the Convention Centre to launch an exciting new skincare product. February 2013 will see the launch of a revolutionary product, Clarins' biggest of the year; their Double Serum - a product that has been in the works for years and years, and is bound to be a huge hit in the coming months. The event was held in a "museum" format, where we went to different stations to learn about the different aspects of the serum. I was astounded by it, as it completely transforms the skin right down to the very first layer. It's designed for use by 25+ year olds, but there's never any harm in battling aging at a younger stage. I've been using it for a week so far, and it's wonderful. You apply it before your moisturiser, and it works brilliantly with my oily/ combination skin - look out for a review in the near future. Double Serum will be BIG, mark my words!