Christmas Gift Ideas: NIMA Brush (Buy Irish)

For one of my final Christmas Gift Ideas posts, I decided to review a lovely set of makeup brushes - Irish makeup brushes, that is. There's no better time to support Irish businesses, than around Crimbo time. One of the greatest gifts any girl (or boy, whatever you're into) can receive, is a set of makeup brushes. Whether you wear layers upon layers of makeup, or only opt for foundation and mascara - a set of basic makeup brushes is a necessity. Time and time again, I see friends and family spend a huge amount of money on makeup, to only apply it incorrectly or unhygienically with the wrong or age-old tools. Over the last 2 years, my makeup brush collection has grown into something of a laughing-stock for some. I own nearly 50 makeup brushes, and it's become a self-confessed addiction of mine to collect them. After I studied makeup artistry at Make Up For Ever last Summer, I was completely hooked on using the correct tools for each and every task, when it came to applying makeup.
The lovely Niamh Martin from the new Irish brush company, NIMA Brush, recently contacted me to review the 12 Piece Professional Brush Set. Of course, I accepted! Due to my makeup brush addiction, I've become quite knowledgeable over the years on what makes a good makeup brush. Whether it be quality, appearance, price, durability and so-on. I've used these brushes for just over a month and have deep-cleaned them twice so far.
The 12 Piece Professional Brush Set comes in the handiest yellow container, which you can clip together as one for travel, or split apart to use as makeup brush holders. The brushes included are everything from a power brush, pencil brush, eye liner brush, duo-fiber brush and many more. They're the absolute essential makeup brushes to own, either for yourself or if you're a budding makeup artist. You can't go wrong with giving someone a set like this for Christmas, or as a present in general. If you look after makeup brushes well and correctly, they can last you up to 5-10 years.
Now, on to the review itself! I was really impressed with NIMA Brush brushes, and a bunch of them are ones I reach for on a daily basis now. During my first use, I was disappointed in the feeling of the brush hairs on my face initally - they felt slightly coarse on some of them, and irritated the delicate areas of my face slightly. However, the brushes softened after the first wash so it didn't bother me too much. The Dome Brush was my number one favourite out of all of the brushes; it's the perfect size and shape for contouring the face. The Tapered Blending and Medium Lid Shader brushes are also two that I reach for constantly, and love completely. Every brush has kept its shape well after washing, and there was minimal fall-out from them (something I expect from most brushes). Overall, I was really impressed with the brushes and think they'd be an ideal gift for someone. This set is €95, but a good makeup brush kit is an investment and you have to put the money in if you want good quality and longevity. NIMA Brush also sell individual brushes on their website, so even if you pick up one or two as a gift for someone, I'm sure they'd be over the moon! I highly recommend the brand, and brushes and hopefully it sparks up an idea for one or two of you for gift ideas!

| You can buy NIMA Brush Brushes online here. |


  1. Oh those are gorgeous and how wonderful that they're Irish, they look really pretty and I love the little pot that comes with them, very very clever'



  2. so expensive man! do need a good set of brushes though!
    the little pot they come in is dead cute too


  3. Ohhh very very tempting! And quite affordable once you consider how much you're getting :) I blame you for my empty wallet haha :') xx

  4. Good brushes are an essential! I'm excited to get my Real Technique brushes for Christmas.

    Megan xxx

  5. wow i know what to get as christmas presents for the girls thanks a million i always leave this till the last minute like last year it was the day before christmas eve. now all i have to is find what to get for the lads i think im just get them these aswell lol , regardless thanks alot ,id appreciate it if you checked out my blogs

    1. oh yeah and by the way im not loaded with money as im just 16 so the price for these brushes will be coming from the parents.

  6. These sound absolutely amazing! I love receiving brushes as Christmas presents, I have way to many



  7. these brushes are awesome....i want to get brushes for xmas too

    xoxo Wengie

  8. That's actually a great price for a set of 12 good brushes, less than nine quid per brush. I love the pot, great idea.

  9. I love hearing about new Irish businesses, especially if they're beauty businesses! These look lovely.

  10. Hey, this is one of the coolest christmas gifts 2013. I may have to use this for my friend who love makeup and is very vain ;-)


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