Rediscovering Dublin - A Walk Through The Old City..

Morning everyone! Over the weekend, Temple Bar Cultural Trust invited myself and some media/ blogger folk to join them on a tour of the Old City area, in Temple Bar. I've lived in Dublin my whole life; I was born and bred here. Yet there are still places I've yet to discover and explore! Temple Bar is an area I know quite well, as I spent most of my young teens hanging out around there. It's Dublin's culture hub, a tourist's dream. It used to be Dublin's Camden Town if you will, full of alternative kids and crazy shops. It's lost that edge over the last year or two unfortunately, but it's booming in the Old City area as I discovered on Saturday!
The Old City area is located at the West End of Temple Bar, near Parliament Street. It was recently refurbished, and it currently has a heap of shops, caf├ęs and markets to offer. I've been to the area before, but in all honestly never paid too much attention to it. Like many Dubliners, I'm oblivious to my surroundings half of time - it's terrible. The area is full of community, and independent businesses. 
We started the day with a gorgeous light breakfast in Ubode, a new cafe offering Irish healthy food products. We then ventured out to explore the area's shops including; Debbie Paul's Jewellery Studio, Tamp & Stitch and The Gutter Bookshop. All of the shops were absolutely gorgeous, and completely unique in their own way. We had a delicious lunch in the Queen of Tarts, where I devoured a yummy mushroom, spinach and cheddar omelette. Afterwards, he had a look through the outdoor Craft Market. We met Evelyn Murray a knitwear trader, Jamie Lewis a felt work trader and Adam King a jewellery maker. All of these people were so enthusiastic, and creative about their work and impressed us all with their products and skill. Our final stop was at Smock Alley Theatre, where the Ebay Online Fashion Show I participated in during the Summer was held. Hearing about the history of the history of the theatre was beyond interesting, and exploring the building was incredible. The theatre itself is huge inside, as you can see in the photo! 
It was fantastic to explore Dublin in depth, and see independent businesses prospering through such difficult times. It's important to support Irish business, it's a fantastic alternative to shopping on Grafton Street - if you want unique, Irish-made Crimbo gifts, check out the Old City asap!
Tamp & Stitch - where clothing, meets coffee!
Myself and Emma, all wrapped up for the cold.
The Gutter Bookshop
Queen of Tarts
Yummy, yummy lunch at the Queen of Tarts!
Evelyn Murray knitwear
Jamie Lewis jewellery
The beautiful theatre in Smock Alley Theatre.
Debbie Paul and her wonderfully modern jewellery studio.
What better way to end the day, than eating some Yamamori sushi for dinner?