Diet Coke's Fashion Friday #3: The Leather Skirt

 One of my personal favourite pieces of clothing to take the fashion world by storm this year, is the (faux/ real) leather skirt. The gorgeous pleated creations that can easily be dressed up or dressed down, suited for everybody and anyone. I was recently sent out this Lashes of London skirt to style, and it has to be one of my ultimate wardrobe staples at the moment! The high street are doing countless version of the pleated leather skirt, in a range of different variations and colours. 
The leather skirt is quite easy to style, and doesn't take much imagination to dress up or down. For a casual look, I wore it with a beloved band tee, spiked neck choker and my new flatforms from Asos. The band tee gives the skirt a grunge vibe, but it's still kept feminine worn with frilly Asos socks and flatforms. Casual t-shirts and oversized tops look amazing with this skirt, as it's such a fantastic way to edge up a "I just threw this on" outfit. Throw on a leather or shaggy faux fur jacket over it, and you're good to go!
Dressing the skirt up is also quite simple, and it's a handy item to wear to gain use out of some party dresses and pieces you may have stuffed at the back of your wardrobe. I layered the skirt over my beloved Motel Rocks Gabby dress, which instantly glammed up the skirt - the sequins, bright aquatic colours and chic sleeves transform the skirt from day to night in a flash. Both the dress and skirt are quite statement pieces in themselves, so I wore simple gold earrings and black boots (which unfortunately blurred in the photo above - hence the crop). 
If you're to snap up one versatile and stylish piece in the Christmas sales this year, make sure it's a leather skirt. It's honestly one of the greatest pieces I own, and I'm constantly coming up with different ways to wear it!

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