Self-employed = unemployed? Not in college = waster?

Day in and day out, I receive messages from trolls online in regards to my occupation and education. If you don't follow the regular pattern of heading to college straight away after school and getting a job instantly - sure you're automatically a waster! Eh no. After my Leaving Certficate exams I turned down my first college offer, which was to study History and English at UCD. It was a controversial decision, but it was the right one - for me. I want to pursue a career in fashion, which doesn't need a college degree for a start - there are hundreds upon hundreds of industry names who've never even gone to college! Practical work experience, is just as valued as a degree when it comes to any creative career, I believe. I don't want to be a doctor, nor do I want to be a lawyer - not every occupation needs a college degree the minute you leave secondary school. I plan on going to college next year or the year after in London hopefully, to study a fashion course. However, I still receive abuse in regards to my own personal decisions, and it's very draining to stand up for myself constantly. It's nobody else's business what I do with my life. My life, is my life. I make my own decisions, and quite frankly I don't care about what anyone else thinks. 
Which leads me on to the other hurdle I have to cross constantly - working! I'm self-employed, and have been for just under a year now. After 3 years of working hard at my blog and Youtube channel, I'm finally at a position now where I can turn both into jobs. Alongside running these, I also write for one of the biggest franchises in the world; Diet Coke, as one of their Fashion Friday writers. For some reason, people don't deem these online jobs, as "real" jobs. I was talking to a fellow self-employed blogger about people's prejudice and ignorance towards others making their own cash at home the other day, and it seems to be that if you don't work in a physical building of some sort (an office, a shop etc) - then you're unemployed? You're given that label straight-off. You're officially a slacker, a waster, on the dole or as trolls like to say "mooching off your parents". Some people can't grasp the concept of others making their own money, by building a business around themselves. I'm proud of what I've built up over the last few years, and I'm proud to call myself a self-employed earner at the age of 19. I work daily on all of my websites, working with companies and carrying out research. Believe it or not, it's work. Of course, there are days where I'd love to have a part-time job, just to get out of the house more and socialise, but unfortunately I can't. 
Most of you know that I'm due a life-changing operation in the coming months - I'm getting both of my jaws repositioned. How does this affect jobs? I have at least one hospital or orthodontic appointment a week (where appointment times are never on schedule, and always run late), the healing time can take up to 6 months and for the first 2 months my jaw will be wired shut so talking will be impossible/ difficult. No employer will see those factors, and think they're ok. This operation has held me back in so many areas of my life, but I've stopped dwelling on that. During my "gap years" I've completed a Make Up For Ever makeup artistry degree, styled ebay's first European online fashion show, have appeared on tv and at least 40+ publications - and guess what? I'm proud! They're valuable experience to me that no college degree could ever offer. 
It's a very small-minded way to think, if you believe that college and office jobs are the only way to go in life - for everyone and anyone. People needs to realise that there's always other options, and not all of the typical options are suitable for everyone. Assuming someone's on the dole (slang for receiving government benefit money) or receiving money off their parents, is bizarre and incredibly idiotic. I find that when I receive these rude comments in regards to either "not working" or "not being in college, you waster" etc, I just think to myself "My life must be at least in some way interesting, for this stranger to have to think about my situation in life so hard". It's so blind of people to assume I'm receiving money off my parents or receiving money off of the government. My family aren't in any position to be throwing money out to anyone and the most I get, would be a tenner a week to go towards a cinema ticket - if even! I don't smoke, I rarely drink and I attend nightclubs about 4 times a year at this stage. I'm lucky enough to be in a position to receive products and clothes off of companies, so I don't buy every single piece of clothing you see on me! I have ebay sales, Facebook sales and I save. Believe it or not, some people can make their way through life without having to live up to societies expectations of them. Get on with your own life and decisions, and don't intrude in others' choices. Each person has their own mind, their own plan and their own way of doing things. We're not robots.

Are any of you self-employed at the moment? Have you ever received prejudice comments in regards to your education or job choices?