Outfit of the Day, Pukka event & Sinister movie review!

|| Lookbook ||
Dress // Romwe
Coat // H&M
Boots // Topshop
Earrings // Penneys (Primark)

Hi everyone! I had quite a busy day today - I attended a gorgeous Pukka skincare event at the Casting Couch, and also went to see the preview screening of Sinister this evening. I had to dress classy, yet comfy. I wore my new Baroque-style dress from Romwe; I'm in LOVE with it. The extravagant floral print and sky-blue colour caught my eye immediately, and the colours go so well with the oversized camel-coloured coat I bought in London. The dress has a one-layer tulle skirt underneath, so it sits well on the body and is flattering. However, if you're petite like me, be wary of wearing the dress on its own. The waist of the dress comes to just underneath my boobs, instead of my waist itself. It isn't too flattering, but wearing a coat or cardigan of some sort over it will sort that out in no time.
The Pukka skincare event was brilliant - we were shown demos of their new skincare products, and we got to chat to one of the co-founders of the range, Sebastian. I'm really exited to try the sample products of Pukka we received, as they're all organic and highly beneficial to the skin. I'll definitely be reviewing the range in the near future, so keep an eye out. Pukka skincare actually derived from their 10 year old tea creations - which I just to try, of course! The Peppermint & Licorice tea was genuinely one of the nicest teas I've ever tasted. Oh. My God. 
Myself and Sarah were lucky enough to attend the preview screening of the highly-anticipated paranormal thriller Sinister, this evening. I'm an avid horror/ paranormal/ scary en general film fan, and I've seen just about every single horror-paranormal-demon-thriller there is in existence. Literally. Unfortunately, I was left quite disappointed with the movie. The story line was good, it seemed promising at the beginning but ended up far too like The Shining towards the end. It became quite predictable and down right ridiculous as time went on, and the "special effects" makeup made me cringe! It had potential, it really did. It just didn't hit the nail in the head. If you're easy to scare, go and see it for sure. It's definitely one of the better horror movies I've seen in recent years.

Nail Polish - Barry M // Pink Ring - Topshop // Cleopatra Ring - Topshop