Hi everyone! Today's post is going to be a very different one to my usual ones. It's something I've been meaning to discuss on my blog for ages now, and it's something I want to discuss further in a future video also. I'm a self-confessed jar of Marmite. People either love me, or hate me. It's always been that way, ever since I was a child and it continues to be that way to this very day. It's something I've learnt to accept over the last few years, and is something I experience daily whether it be online, or from peers.
I've been blogging since 2009, as many of you know. Over the years, I've encountered a variety of different bloggers and readers alike - some taking a liking to me, some learning to accept me and some downright hating me. (Don't worry, this isn't going to be a big Y U H8 ME post!) I'm quite an opinionated person, I'm quite strong-willed and I'm very forward with both. The majority of people I look up to and idolise, were never ones to sit down and never speak up. Joe Strummer for example; he always spoke his mind, and didn't think twice about people getting offended or disagreeing with him. I tend to look up to people who are forward about their beliefs and thoughts, rather than look up to people who never seem to express their views on anything and are just, bland.
I'm notorious for my rants and I'm known for my expressing my thoughts, day in and day out. Over the years, I've learnt to keep my mouth shut at times for peaces' sake but most of the time, I just can't! It's simple. Tonight, for example, I had slight rant on Twitter in regards to how new bloggers expect things to be handed to them on a plate. I find myself encountering far too many new bloggers for my liking, asking where their "free stuff" and event invites are, as if these things are expected to be thrown at you the minute you start a blog. As per usual, I was wise (or so I thought) with my words - I said "some", not "all" new bloggers but of course, it offended people. I was called "unsupportive" and "big-headed" and a roll of other negative names which are on the whole, untrue. Most of you know, that I regularly ask for new bloggers to send me their links and I'll check them out, and follow them. I've always been in support of new talent. However, I just expressed my distaste for a new generation of bloggers who are only in it for the perks of the job, per say. Not all new bloggers, but a large minority of them. After said rant, I lost followers, I received insults - but I wasn't phased by it. I also received tweets from people agreeing with me, and encouraging me to speak my mind regardless of what people think. I've experimented with keeping my mouth shut entirely, and being quiet on Twitter,  but it just isn't me! People constantly say I turn people off me and "burn bridges" by merely having the odd rant or two. To be honest, I've gone beyond the point of caring. There comes a stage in life where you can either change to please everyone, or you can work on your slip ups and grow as a person, and accept the fact that people may or may not like you. I went with the latter. 
Most of my readers who have followed me from the start, have grown with me and know my ways by now. However, some people just can't accept me and dislike me. Which, I'm ok with. I used to get insulted by it, get defensive and try and prove myself to them - but what's the point? I know I have my bad days, like everyone else but I also know that I'm a good person. I follow so many bloggers, who I've followed for years at this stage, but I feel I still don't really know them or their stance in life. I believe that when you have a platform such as a blog, and have a decent amount of readers - put it to some good use! I mainly blog about fashion and beauty, but I love having the freedom to post up these spontaneous blabber posts as well - they can be helpful, insightful and hopefully inspiring! 
We all have our faults, and we're all not going to get on with every single person we come across in life. In regards to bloggers - not everyone will like you and agree with you - unless you keep quiet, of course. I know some of you might ask "Why don't you just keep quiet then, so more people will like you!?" To be honest, it's not who I am. I know, my friends know, my family know and most of you know that I'm a nice girl. Deep-down in this ranty body of mine, I appreciate every ounce of support I receive and have stayed very grounded and level-headed over the years. However, I'm also opinionated and not afraid to express my thoughts. Some people like that, some people hate it. I've accepted that, and think others should learn how to too. I receive messages from people who have gone through similar experiences, when "everyone hates you" and "so and so happened when I said this". We all need to realise that you've been blessed with a voice, use it. Why keep quiet, just for peaces' sake? I'd rather a bunch of people hated me for me being me, than everyone liking me for me pretending to be someone I'm not. Think before you speak, but don't let others hold you back from what you believe and think. I'm Marmite, and I'm proud.