Marilyn Monroe x M.A.C - Haul & Review

Morning everyone! Last week, I bought two products from the new Marilyn Monroe x MAC collection. Overall, I was quite disappointed with the collection, I why explain in my video below. I definitely think MAC could have done a lot better, and it came across as more of a money-making scheme, rather than a collection to genuinely commemorate Marilyn's death 50 years ago.
I bought the Beauty Powder and a lipstick in 'Deeply Adored', two products I'm thrilled with! I might buy another lipstick during the week, as I definitely think they were the best products from the range. I review the whole collection, swatch my products and give my thoughts in the video below, so give it a watch and let me know what you think!

Did you buy any products from the collection? What did you think?


  1. The shade of the lipstick is perfect! I'm blown away by how pigmented it is.

  2. Oooh I've been eyeing that lipstick for quite some time now!
    I haven't bought anything though no, but might now that I've seen your great review x

  3. I really want the beauty powder I might pick it up today

  4. My mac store were advertising these but didn't actually have them in store which was a bit annoying cause I wanted to have a peak!

    The products you bought look gorgeous.


  5. I bought a lipstick in Charmed I'm Sure and the powder as well!
    I love the lipstick and last night I wore it out and it lasted all night without fading at all!


  6. Great video, your make-up looks so gorgeous :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  7. The lipstick is gorgeous! But i completely agree with you on the packaging, i wish they had picked a different picture xx

  8. I agree that the packaging looks horrendous and quite cheap looking!
    The lipstick shade however looks gorgeous!


  9. oh wow the lipstick is beautifully pigmented however the shade scares me, far too outside my comfort zone - I wish I was brave enough to wear shades like that. I struggle to use the MAC beauty powders unless I slightly wet the brush using fix+ the colour shows up better on me. Love Marilyn but not keen on the picture they used xx


  10. i know what you mean about the packaging, it's really tacky! it just reminds me of those mass-produced posters that everyone and their mother has, who don't even really know anything about marilyn! i think mac have just tried to cash in on her iconic status - not very respectful. however the lipsticks look gorgeous, especially the one you have x


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