Lip Balms - Tried & Tested!

We all have one beauty product that we can't seem to get enough of, that we constantly buy regardless of how many we own or how in need we are of one - I'm a self-confessed lip balm junkie! The collection of lip balms you seen in the above picture, are a mere half of my collection. I don't know about you guys, but the cooler weather has dried my lips out completely over the last few weeks. There's a mixture of high-end, and high-street lip balms reviewing so hopefully there's something you'll like in the mix!

Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter (€7.50): My new obsession at the moment, I cannot get enough of this Korres lip butter! I haven't used such a gorgeous lip product in months, and I've already used half of it up (I've not even had it for 3 weeks)! It's a gorgeous buttery textured balm, that glides on to the lips effortlessly and deeply hydrated the lips. It's tinted, and gives a nice healthy flush of colour to the lips. It's lightly scented with rose, which doesn't leave a sickly smell on the lips after a while of wear. I highly recommend this if you're looking to splash the cash on a product that will guarantee you a perfect pout for the Winter, seriously - buy this asap! (You can buy Korress products from here!)

Pixy Lip Balms in Mint, Strawberry & Chocolate (€3.99): These gorgeous lip balms from Irish company Pixy have been a favourite of mine also over the last few weeks. They're so handy to just pop into your coat pocket, your bag etc. The balms come in a simple tin, with straight-forward packaging and the balms themselves are absolutely gorgeous, and instantly hydrating. I personally use the Mint balm the most, as it leaves a gorgeous tingly feeling on my lips, similar to the Carmex balm! These balms are great applied on to already cracked lips, as they really soothe the skin and prevent bleeding and further cracking. For such a great price, you get quite a bit of product in the tub. I can see these lasting me for months and months! (You can buy Pixy products from their online store here!)

Fushi Hydrating Lip Balm (read my full review here): This gorgeous Fushi lipbalm has been used to death over the last few weeks by me. It's such a lovely texture, it hydrates and soothes my lips completely for hours. The scent is gorgeous - menthol, meets tangy! It feels beautiful on the lips, and it's texture is thin enough to apply over or under lipsticks. (You can buy Fushi products from their online store here!)

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Lip Balm: This Vichy balm is my favourite to use when I go to bed, to soothe my sore lips overnight. The scent is absolutely gorgeous, but unfortunately it doesn't taste very nice - hence why I use it at nighttime. This lip balm is extremely hydrating, and doesn't budge on the lips for at least 2-3 hours. The balm itself lasts quite a while also; two slicks of the balm across the lips is more than enough! It's a fantastic product for both men and women, as the packaging is quite unisex.

Essence Kiss, Care, Love Lip Balms: These gorgeous lip balms from Essence, are under €2 to buy and are so, so gorgeous! Depending on what colour/ flavour you get, they leave a sheer tint of colour on to lips and will definitely make you want to lick them repeatedly. The flavours are beyond delicious, and they taste SO nice on the lips! For such inexpensive lip balms, they're fantastic. The packaging is cute, they smell amazing and they hydrate the lips - stock up!

Burt's Bees Lip Balms: I've gone through at least 5 tubes of Burt's Bees lip balms in my lifetime, and they're one of my all-time favourites. I do own a lip balm in the pot, but find it more difficult to use than the swivel-up tubes. You can choose from a range of different flavours, but I prefer the old-school minty one. They leave a pleasant tingly feeling on the lips, and hydrate them to no end! The balms don't budge, and they're ideal to use during severe Winter weather. I used mine all through Winter last year, and it saved my lips completely. 

Lip Smackers Cinderella Lip Balm: I bought this lip balm as an impulse buy in Penneys (Primark), the other week. It was beside the till, I saw my favourite princess on the packaging and hey-ho! I've never liked Lip Smackers lip balms, they smell and taste so sickly to me and always make me feel slightly queasy. This one is no different, and I've used it once. It was only around €2 fortunately, so I'm not too devasted. Attack of the impulse buys, again! I do not recommend. 

Vaseline Original & Cocoa Butter: No handbag is complete without a tub of Vaseline! This inexpensive wonder product is a staple for anyone. I use mine mostly to hydrate my lips, but it's also great for taming dry ends on your hair and eyebrows. The Cocoa Butter version is sooo delicious, and I find it's more hydrating than the original on my lips. It tastes like toffee, and smells heavenly. It's by far my favourite from the range, and I go through at least one full tub of it a year. Try it, and you'll become hooked!

Carmex Cherry Lip Balm: I've been using Carmex lip balms since Primary School, ever since I saw a teacher apply it every 5 seconds on to her lips during lessons. I wanted to see what the big fuss was, and alas - I was hooked! I adore Carmex's medicinal scent, the tingly feeling it leaves on the lips and how well the product works overall. Like the Burt's Bees lip balms, I use this constantly throughout Winter and it saves my lip from get cracked and sore. This Cherry version is so yummy, and I've about 2% of the product left after so much use. It's definitely a balm everyone needs to try at some point, and I haven't read a bad review on it as of yet!

Boots Original & Strawberry Lip Salves: These guys are as cheap as chips to buy in Boots, and are ideal for both men and women with their unisex packaging. They do what they say on the tin - hydrate and protect the lips. There's no fuss to them and like Vaseline, they're a great all-rounder. The Strawberry version is gorgeous, and the scent is light and barely-there once applied to the lips. I always end up buying these when I forget to bring a lip balm out with me! They have a heap of different variations in the range, so there's one for everyone. 

What's your favourite lip balm?