Halloween Lookbook - Spellbound Dress

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Dress // Nasty Gal
Eagle Claw Necklace // The Button & Bow Factory
Rosary Bead Necklace // Topshop
Pentagram Ring // Topshop
Boots // Topshop
Hair Extensions // Hair Trade

Hi everyone! I've officially started my Halloween-themed blog posts and videos, I'm sure you'll be happy to hear! Most of you know, I'm Halloween OBSESSED! It's my favourite time of the year; I prefer it to Christmas, my birthday - everything! I would have started my Halloween posts last month, but I doubt many of you would have enjoyed that, so a week prior to the big event is sweet enough -  yes? I've been planning a Halloween-inspired series of outfits for weeks now, which are all so me and fun to wear. I hope you like them..
This beautiful Spellbound dress was my first ever purchase from Nasty Gal. I was having a browse of their online sale last month, and I nearly wept with happiness when I saw this dress. As the name the suggests, it's magical and witchy - totally Spellbound! The sleeves are so Hocus Pocus, so 70s, so gothic-glam - what more do you need? I bought the dress for just under €30 in the sale, but unfortunately shipping added a chunk to that price, making my Nasty Gal shopping experience come to over €40 - not impressed! I love the dress to bits, but unfortunately it's also too long on me. I'm petite, so I experience this problem constantly with clothes - the dress is meant to come to mid-thigh length (on the 5"10 model), of course on me it comes to just over the knees. I tied it back with a bobbin for the photos, and I plan on getting it taken up soon. (Just a heads up for my fellow fun-sized gals..)
I teamed the dress up with some whimsical necklaces from The Button & Bow Factory and Topshop, along with my simple boots from Topshop also. As you may have guessed, I'm wearing extensions! These 22" inch bad boys are from Hair Trade, they're real human hair and are poker-srtraight. I used to wear clip-in extensions like these yeaaars ago, and I've been lusting over a new set for months now. They give my hair a heap of volume, and I can achieve a variety of more exciting hairstyles now that I have them. J'adore!

I recently recorded the much-loved I Love Fall Tag video, answering loads of fun Halloweeny questions, it was a bit o' craic to record and I hope you guys enjoy it too..



  1. Hahah, your dad sounds hilarious! I remember being 12 and deciding I was old enough to watch The exorcist - I was so disappointed!!
    Looking forward to your halloween vids :) xx

  2. Oh my goodness you look absolutely awesome babe!
    Fabulous post :D
    I'm a new follower so hey :) !!!



  3. You look gorgeous!! One of the best Nasty Gal picks I have seen :)


  4. That dress is amazing and it suits you so much! Halloween should be an all year round event, not just a holiday.. I love it so much!!! X

  5. Wow you look incredible in those photos and your face looks flawless, gorgeous!!

    Sophierosehearts x

  6. I love that dress sooo much! It's amazing! Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year too, I love having little spooky accents on outfits leading up to the big day :)
    Rachelle x

  7. This dress is amazing!


  8. You look stunning! The dress is gorgeous, I especially love the detailing on the sleeves!

    Sita xx

  9. Beautiful dress... I want! :) However I'm pretty petite too, can you get it taken up?? the material looks so delicate.. x

  10. Ugh, I absolutely love this dress. So perfect.

    Good Morning Angel.

  11. The dress is absolutely gorgeous. I hope you get it taken up soon, you suit it!

  12. Beautiful dress! Looks fab on you :)


  13. I think this is your most stunning look so far.

  14. LOVE this, it looks beautiful on you! I bet you'd be one of the best people to Halloween party with ahha xo

  15. omg i love your dress so muchhhhhhh!

  16. I adore that dress, shame about the shipping costs! We need a Nasty Gal UK online store!

  17. Love this. It would be great to wear to a Halloween party if you're too shy to get properly dressed up x

  18. This look is amazing Leanne!!! You look beautiful(:

  19. really like this dress not sure i could pull it off though lol x

  20. Amazing dress,looks great on you.So annoying some of the coolest online stores have such expensive delivery tho but it s still a good price;)

  21. love the dress - very addams family! would we ever expect anything less from you? i love your style so much! plus that green nail polish really makes the whole outfit pop x


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