Emjoi Micro Pedi - Review

 Morning all! Quite a while back, I was sent out this ever-so famous Micro Pedi to try out and test for you all. I've read a heap of brilliant reviews on this Emjoi creation, promising to make your feet as smooth as a baby's behind in seconds! I have a confession I must share before I begin however; I put off using this for weeks! I have a huge foot phobia. My feet, other peoples' feet, the word feet, feet.. everything about feet, makes me die inside. It's safe to say that I've ignored the existence of my feet up until a few months back when I tried out some gorgeous Pixy products for them. I was intrigued and excited (I admit) to try this product when it arrived at the house, but it took me nearly a month to build up the courage to use it! I've never received a pedicure in my life, and the thought of using this tool on myself scared me slightly. After a few weeks of reading reviews, examining my own Micro Pedi and eventually building up the courage to try it - I finally did one pamper night. My thoughts? Massively impressed!
After a bath two weeks ago, I gave the Micro Pedi its first go. I read the instructions carefully and placed my foot over the bath (as advised on other blogs to save mess). I actually touched (oh god) the skin on my foot to feel where the dry skin was, so I'd know where to use the Micro Pedi. I used the pink coarse roller, which is specifically made for sensitive areas (aka my whole foot). My ankle was extremely dry, and after a quick use of the Micro Pedi it was really smooth! There were no unpleasanr grating sensations surprisingly enough, as I've heard some awful pedicure stories in the past! I'm not going to lie and say it was all plain sailing; I have extremely ticklish feet. The Micro Pedi was ticklish to use, but not as bad as I thought it would be initially. I probably have extremely sensitive feet, as I don't think I've read any reviews that have said it felt ticklish on the skin but hey-ho! I had to remove the skin in quick 1-2 second goes due to the ticklish feelings and fear of my foot falling off, but after a few minutes my feet looked brand-new. Literally. What were these creatures on the ends of my bony ankles?! I used Pixy's Peppermint Foot Cream after my Micro-Pedi session, and I woke up to absolutely GORGEOUS (yes, gorgeous) feet in the morning - bar my crooked toes,= and cracked nail polish.
I was completely surprised at my reaction to this product, and I know for a fact I'll continue to use it. This gorgeous pink Micro Pedi is limited edition for Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is this month of course! It's €49.95 from Boots or www.micropedi.ie. A whopping €12,500 of the total proceeds will go The Pink Ribbon Foundation for breast cancer awareness and research. It's an investment buy, and a total must-have if you're a lover of pamper nights! Not only are you doing your bit for charity, but you're also investing in a wonderful pamper tool for yourself (or a friend - it'd be a wonderful gift for Christmas)!

Have you ever tried the Micro Pedi? What did you think?