Anatomicals Bath Treats - Review

Hey everyone! Last month, I was sent out some gorgeous Anatomicals products to review from the lovely Blanaid over at Cloud 10 Beauty. I'm a complete bath addict, and have been know to have at least 3-4 in a week! Naturally, I was dying to try the Fruity Bath Foam as soon I saw it. I received the parcel the day before I was heading to London, and I actually had a bath the night before using the bubble bath and body butter out of excitement.
I've used both products constantly over the last few weeks, and I love them! Nothing intrigues me more than cute and humorous packaging - as you can see, Anatomicals have nailed both! The Fruity Bath Foam (€4) is absolutely gorgeous to use, you only need 2-3 blobs dropped into the bath and it creates lovely moisturising bubbles. The scent is really relaxing, and it's ideal to use when you have hormonal cramps and back pains. Both men and women would enjoy the bubble bath as the scent isn't particularly girlie, and the packaging is quite unisex also. The Orange Flower & Amber Body Butter is just as lovely as the bubble bath, and I've been using it constantly since the first go. It smells lovely - a light perfumey scent that lingers on the skin for quite a while after application. It isn't greasy, and it sinks quite quickly into the skin. I've used this even as a hand cream, as the cooler weather has started to dry my skin up over the last few weeks, and it works a treat! For only €4, I think it's an absolute bargain. They're more or less the same size as The Body Shop's Body Butters, and they're a third of the price! Many of you may know, that I'm currently on a completely skin makeover; for both body and face! I've been trying and testing out a heap of products to improve my skin, and this body butter has left my skin feeling really supple and soft. It's gorgeous to use after you've shaved, as it doesn't clog the pores yet it deeply moisturises the skin. I'm planning on purchasing some more Anatomicals products soon, as I'm so impressed with these guys!

You can buy Anatomicals products on Cloud 10 Beauty.