Return Of The Fringe!

Afternoon ladies! I realise I'm posting for the second time today, but I just cannot hold my love for my new fringe in any longer! If you follow me on my other websites, you've probably seen pictures of my new Bettie fringe already. I've wanted a classic rockabilly fringe for years; I never thought it'd be possible to achieve the thickness and perfection of one with my fine hair, but alas..
There is one little secret I've been hiding from you all however. The fringe is fake! It's a clip-in fringe, made from real human hair and it has clips attached to it to secure into place. I know some of you might be slightly annoyed at me for tricking you, but I was just curious to see if anyone would cop on! Nobody has so far, so it just proves how realistic the fringe is. 
I got the fringe from, a website selling a heap of hair products from hair extensions, to masks, to tools - you name it! The fringe originally comes with quite a longer, blunt cut with longer layers at the side. I cut mine myself, into a Bettie Page 1940s style.  The fringe is available in a heap of colours - the one I chose was Jet Black, to blend in with my natural hair of course. They're priced at around €30, which is an absolute bargain considering how great the quality of the fringe is. You're able to style it how you want, with heated tools etc. 
I genuinely can't put into words how much confidence this fringe has given me! I'm so paranoid about my fine hair, and especially the irritating baby hairs along my forehead and hairline. This is a fantastic way for people with fine hair, to achieve looks they wouldn't necessarily been able to achieve before. It's feels fantastic having the option of having a fringe, without actually having to cut my own hair itself. 

For more information and a demo, watch my video below!