Macadamia Deep Repair Masque - Review

 Morning all! As many of you may know, I'm currently trying to grow my hair and improve its condition overall. I've been trying to grow it long for just over a year, with minimal dyeing and only one or two hair trims. I used to dye my hair constantly, every few weeks or so; it obviously had a negative effect on my hair, drying it out and making the overall quality of it awful. I've naturally very fine hair, so it's extremely easy to damage it. However, my hair has imrpoved over the last few months, - it's growing a lot faster and it's not as sparse or fine as it used to be. I don't use any heated tools on my hair, bar my hairdryer. I use nourishing hair products, as well as taking Vivisal hair supplement tablets. I felt my Lush Seanik shampoo bar and Aussie 3 Minute Miracle (for long hair) treatment just weren't enough to add that kick to my hair, so I went on the hunt for a deep treatment to fully restore my hair back to good health and improve its condition in general.
I've been using this tub of Macadamia Deep Repair Masque for just over a month now, and I adore it! Treatments in the past have been difficult to rinse out for me and have clung to my roots leaving an unwashed and sticky texture to my hair which was awful, so I was quite apprehensive to give another deep treatment a go! I'm delighted to say that this mask has been a god-send! 
You only need the tiniest scoop, and I apply it to my ends (nowhere near my roots) after I've towl-dried my hair (after shampooing and conditioning). I then comb it through, dispersing it evenly throughout my ends. I leave it in for around 15 minutes and rinse it out thoroughly with lukewarm to cool water. It leaves the ends of my hair feeling like silk, my dry split ends are barely visible and my hair feels thicker and healthy. I use it only once a week but if my hair's in poor condition, I sometimes leave it in overnight. The condition of my hair has improved greatly, and I'm dying to see how it improves even further over the next few months (fingers crossed).
The mask contains Macadamia and Argan oils, as well as chamomile, tea tree and aloe. For around €25 on, you definitely get your money's worth. The tub is massive, containing 250ml of product. As I previously stated, you only need to use a small scoop of the product per use. I expect this to last me well over a year! It smells delish, has gorgeous packaging and the product actually works. I love it!

Have you tried this mask before?