Japonesque Makeup Brushes - Review

In order of numbers, below.
 Evening all! Recently, I was sent some fabulous Japonesque makeup brushes to try. After a good few weeks of using them, I've had a good run of each and have nothing bad to say about any of them. I had a choice of what brushes to pick so I chose 5 brushes that I either needed, or knew I'd get use out of.
All of the brushes listed below are fantastic, straight-out! They wash well, keep their shape and I've experienced no fall-out from any of them! I'm so impressed, and will definitely be investing in Japonesuqe brushes in the future.

1. Pro Blush Brush: I've been in desperate need of a good blush brush for ages now, so I was delighted to be sent out one of these guys. It's a beautiful brush, with lovely and soft bristles. It's a fantastic size - not too big, not too small. It applies blusher beautifully, whilst blending the product out by itself with its soft bristles. It's also great at applying bronzer and contour powder.

2. Pro Angled Foundation Brush: I'm a foundation brush junkie, I own nearly 10 (gulp!) of them. Of course, I needed to try out an angled version! I've absolutely adored using this angled brush for applying my foundation, I actually find it easier to use than the regular ones. It's gets into all of the hard-to-reach areas and blends the foundation really well across the skin. I have a feeling this brush has converted me to angled foundation brushes altogether, as I really noticed the difference in application after applying some with a regular brush.

3. Pro Finishing Fan Brush: Again, I was in need of a fan brush to apply hightlighter to the high points of my face. The brush is sturdy, and the bristles are nice and soft. It packs a nice amount of powder product on to the bristles, and glides the product across the desired area very well. It's also slim enough to use to apply product under the eyebrows. I have yet to use it for applying contour powder, but I'm sure it'd be just as great. It's fantastic for precise application and it blends products easily and well.

4. Pro Eyeshadow Fluff-Medium Brush: I have a ton of eyeshadow brushes, but you can never have too many - I think! This brush is fantastic for applying and blending eyeshadow, it's sooo soft and gentle on the eye area. It's slim enough to apply precise eyeshadow application underneath the eyes also. 

5. Dual Sided 140 Brush: I was curious to try this dual-sided eyeshadow brush, where one side is synthetic, and the other natural. It allows you to apply cream product on one side, using the synthetic bristles of course. Then you can easily switch over the natural side to pat on some powder product on top to ensure longevity. It's a really gorgeous brush, with soft bristles and is gentle on the eye area. It's a nice fluffy, big size so it's great at blending shadows also. Using the synthetic side, you can blend out cream concealers really well also. 

You can buy Japonesque brushes online.