Fushi Lip Balm & Coconut Oil - Review

Hi everyone! Today I'm reviewing two gorgeous award winning products from the UK brand Fushi; their Organic Hydrating Lip Balm and Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. I was absolutely delighted to be sent two gorgeous, yet different, products from a brand I've never tried before. I'm a lip balm addict, so I was excited to have a go at Fushi's version and see if it really worked as well as everyone says! I also having been trying out their Coconut oil - for beauty, as well as cooking and I'm thoroughly impressed. Both products are extremely affordable, and are worth every penny!
The lip balm reminds me of Carmex in a way, with a more pleasant and less-medicinal scent to it. It leaves that gorgeous minty, tingly feeling on the lips that feels really refreshing. You get quite a lot of product in the pot, so I usually apply quite a generous amount to the lips. It is very hydrating, but I do find that it can come off if you eat or drink with it on. I don't mind too much, as there is so much product in the pot itself. Its ingredients include peppermint, avacodo oil and geranium; all beneficial to the skin and lips. It's a great product to apply liberally at night before you go to bed also, as you wake up with plump and hydrated lips in the morning.
I was dying to try the Coconut Oil the minute I received the parcel. The amount of fantastic things I've heard about it, I've read endless reviews of how brilliant it is and how many uses it has. I use it mostly for cooking; I replaced olive oil with this. It's solidified inside the jar, but melts as soon as it's near heat. It's gorgeous to use when boiling pasta and frying food - especially mushrooms! It's such a healthier alternative to other oils, and is extremely beneficial to your body. As many of you know, it's also a fantastic product to use beauty-wise. It's great as taming frizzy and dry ends, and for moisturising the skin. Coconut Oil is known for aiding the healing of scars, so I applied it regularly to a huge cut on my shin (I'm sure most of you have seen it in my outfit videos - gross) and it's healing up so well. It's definitely a product I think everyone needs to have in their cupboard - the 250g pot will last you ages!

To purchase Fushi items or for more info, visit their website here!