Ciaté Caviar Manicure Kit - Review

Evening all! It's been a while since I've reviewed some nail products, so here is one oh-so exciting post for you all of your nail art junkies out there! I've been trying out the popular Caviar Manicure nails, courtesy of Ciaté for the last few weeks and I adore them! The Caviar Manicure nails are basically 3D nails, with teeny-tiny caviar-like balls stuck on to each nail. I've always been in awe over Ciaté polishes, with their gorgeous packaging but I always found it difficult to find their products in the shops. However, Ciaté is now available in Ireland online and I've discovered you can buy the Caviar sets on Asos, also.
The idea of Caviar nails is absolutely fantastic in my opinion; it's different, it's new, it's fun. You can choose from three Caviar sets - White, Black or Rainbow. I obviously chose the rainbow option, as they look like tiny little sprinkles on your nails and I love colour on my talons! I found the kit surprisingly easy to use and work with. In the kits you receive a Ciaté nail polish, a bottle of the Caviar beads, a funnel and also a sturdy plastic tray itself to work over. Clear instructions are given on the back of the box, and they're also given inside the box on a leaflet. 
The process of applying the Caviar beads to nails is quite simple; you apply two coats of nail polish to your nails, pour the beads from the bottle on to a wet nail over the plastic tray, press the beads gently to your nail, pour the fallen beads in the tray back into the bottle using the funnel and leave your nails to dry for 15-20 minutes. I usually apply them whilst watching a movie, so I'm not awkwardly trying to use my hands without messing up my nails! The suggested drying time is 20 minutes, but personally I'd wait half an hour, if not longer. On a few occasions, I did find that the beads did sometimes fall off after 15 minutes. Your Caviar nails are said to be able to last up to 2 days, but again, that's quite hit and miss depending on what you get up to. If you're going to be washing your hair, working with your hands a lot etc, they'll most likely only last the day. I personally don't mind that, as I usually change my polish more or less everyday anyway. 
They're such a statement product for your nails, they're a breath of fresh air in the nail and beauty world. You can create so many different looks with them, and switch the looks up by using different coloured polishes (you can use other brands for the base coat, not just Ciaté polishes). I'm definitely going to be wearing my Caviar nails for London Fashion Week, as I think they'll jazz up nails and hopefully spark up some interest. 
The sets are priced at €23 on the site, or just over €25 on Asos. It may seem steep but it is quite reasonable for what you receive in the kit, in my opinion. The bottle that contains the beads offers you thousands of beads and it will most likely last you at least 6 months to a year, depending on how often you want Caviar nails! You can buy the sets on the website (they're currently having a free delivery offer on all orders over €25).

Have you ever tried Ciaté's Caviar Manicure Kits?