YSL Rouge Volupté No. 15 Lipstick - Review

 Morning all, and Happy Friday - yay! It pains me to bring you all this review, as it won't be a good one at all at all. I decided to treat myself to a YSL lipstick a few weeks ago, after lusting over them for aaages. It was my first YSL beauty buy, and I spent ages picking and choosing between colours at the counter. I eventually chose this gorgeous red-orange coral shade, No 15, from the Rouge Volupté range. I particularly adored the packaging on the lipstick, as it's so classy and luxurious looking. The colour of the lipstick itself is behind the logo also, so I thought it'd be easy to spot amongst my other lipsticks.
I nearly collapsed when the woman at the till told me it was €30* (the exact price has escaped me, but it's somewhere between the €30-35 mark). However, I said I'd treat myself to a little piece of luxury. I expected this lipstick to be my new favourite, something I'd apply daily and repurchase again and again. Unfortunately, I was wrong! This lipstick has been one of the most disappointing beauty buys for me of the year. Yes, the colour is stunning. The packaging is gorgeous. It has SPF 15, wonderful! It smells DELICIOUS. The lipstick itself? Crap. 
When you first apply the lipstick it appears opaque, it's quite conditioning and it's easy to strengthen to a bold bright or to smudge down to a stain. This is all fabulous, until you apply this lipstick for the tenth time in one day. The lasting power of this product is horrendous, it fades off within minutes. Paying over €30 for product that can't even last long on my lips infuriates me. What's even worse is, the colour on the centre of the lips completely goes first, leaving a horrible clown-ish lip line of colour surrounding the lips. I don't even have to reapply my €1.50 ELF lipsticks that often! With the amount of times I have to reapply this, it'll be gone within months.
I plan on wearing this again, obviously. I highly doubt I'll repurchase it however. I was SO excited to pick up my first YSL lippy and to be so disappointed by my first one is such a let-down. I'm afraid to splurge on another shade in case this happens again! I rarely have problems with lipsticks, and the fact that this one was so expensive has just deflated me. Thumbs down!

Have you ever tried YSL lipsticks, what did you think of them?