My Week In Pictures - No.6

Evening peeps! Would you believe that I didn't realise it was Sunday until a few minutes a go? I am living in Lala Land lately. Here's a double post of pictures to make up for my lateness! I had a fab week - thank god for the few days of nice weather. It makes such a difference!

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  • Picked up this month's NME with my idol Joe Strummer on the cover. He would of turned 60 in two days. Also picked up the new Company and my fave sparkling water.
  • Devo that Thelma's Gypsy Girls is over, it was my ultimate guilty tv pleasure over the last few weeks. I adored watching it, and take such an interest in traveller culture and especially the how the girls dress. I had such a soft spot for Margaret, I thought she was hilarious! (You can watch the whole series now on 4oD!)
  • Loving this Indian Night Jasmine body spray from The Body Shop, it's so light and chic.
  • You can't beat soliders and boiled eggs made by your Nana, it's an Irish foodie fact.
  • We dog-sat for a few days, and I had such a blast with this little cutie Molly!
  • Katie Taylor street art on Bedford Lane.
  • 'Sociable' lipstick from Elf and my new amazing nail polish from Catrice, called 'Genius In A Bottle'.
  • Halfway through reading The Shining, liking it so far. It's definitely better than the movie, which I hated!
  • Myself and my Nana went for a gorgeous lunch in Browne's Cafe, in Sandymount. I ate the pancakes with strawberry jam and cream, with freshly squeezed OJ. They were delish, I demolished both in less than 5 mins! Nana had her cappuccino (one shot) and some yummy vanilla cheesecake. I highly recommend popping into Browne's if you're around the Sandymount Village area, it's gorgeous.

  • Picked up the new issues of ELLE and Vogue, in preparation for London Fashion Week next month - I need some inspo! Baroque is calling me, and I plan on snatching up a good few pieces inspired by D&G's A/W collection. I'm still in awe over it!
  • I went to Bite restaurant, on South Frederick St the other night for a friend's birthday and I was so impressed! I ate these delicious Pil Pil Prawns and a gorgeous broccoli side dish. 
  • My new favourite snack; Starbucks tea and their yummy Fruit & Oat cookies!
  • Myself and Conor went for some cocktails in Café Novo at The Westbury Hotel yesterday. Conor had a something along the lines of a Mojito and I had a drink called 'Cinderella'. Both were non-alcoholic, and absolutely delicious! I'm not into drinking over the last few months, so I didn't feel the need to get an alcoholic one. They were both under a fiver, so it was a nice little treat.
  • Sunny Dublin yesterday, what a lovely change.
  • I spy myself and Conor in the latest U Magazine issue! The photo is from the launch of the Dublin Festival of Fashion.
  • One of my favourite restaurants in Dublin, Yamamori on the Quays! I always order the Salmon Maki, seaweed, Tonkatsu sauce and some boiled brown rice.
  • My new 2012 black boots from Topshop. I buy a pair every year, and I'm delighted with these new beauties. They were €109, and they're very comfortable so far. I'll include them in a haul post and video this week.
  • The Bakehouse on the Quays is a gorgeous little café, Conor and I spotted last week. The staff are so friendly, and we got talking to a dude called Dave for a solid hour outside. (You have to love us Dublin folk - we'd talk to a wall if we could!) My tea and toffee muffin were delish, and I'm dying to go back again!