My Week In Pictures - No.5

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It's official - last week was by FAR the fastest week of 2012 so far. Where are the days going!? I had a great week however, and took advantage of the random few days of Summery weather we had. I went to the beach, spent time with my family and ate some delicious (junk) food. I hope you all had a fab week, and let's hope the nice weather lasts!
  • Sandymount Beach - a beach down the road from my Nana's, where I've gone to enjoy the sun since I was a baby. Myself, my Nana and my little sisters had a blast building sand castles and paddling in the warm sea. Nice weather makes such a difference!
  • I love the sea. It amazes me. It's so vast and beautiful.
  • I can't express the excitement and pride I felt on Thursday watching Katie Taylor's women's boxing win at the Olympics. Ireland's only gold medal, and she deserved it more than anyone! I was squirming in my seat watching the match, and cried tears of joys hearing our anthem being played. Ireland is beyond proud of Katie, and all of our athletes. It makes me feel good to be a woman!
  • Loving neon nail polishes. This gorgeous pink shade is by w7 in the shade No.48 Pink.
  • My sister's delicious bubblegum ice cream and sprinkle cone, from Rainbows in Dundrum shopping centre. It tasted DELISH!
  • I have a slight tea addiction! Can't stop drinking Barry's Green Tea with Lemon - it's unreaaaal.
  • Picked up the new issue of Glamour, with the gorgeous Dannii Minogue on the cover. It's a great read so far, it always is to be honest. I also cheekily picked up a new Essence lipbalm and Catrice nail polish. I'll feature them in a haul in the future!
  • Loving this Macadamia Deep Treatment Masque, will post a big review on it soon.
  • My bed time essentials; Chamomile tea, my Anatomicals sleep mask and Stephen King's The Shining.


  1. Ahh, the beach looks amazing! I really want to go and make the most of this weather now. Your 'sod off' sleep mask is amazing! I could definitely use one of those aha xx

  2. Lovely photos :) Mmm.. that ice cream is making me a little bit peckish xxx

  3. Fellow green tea addict <3
    http://ohmyolivia.blogspot.com/ xo

  4. I adore green tea too! And, that ice cream looks AMAZING. :O

    Maxine, xx

  5. mm it was a long time ago I drank green tea... :)

  6. I love these sort of posts, they're a little more personal and life related.

  7. that ice cream looks like HEAVEN! x

  8. Green tea is great for detoxing and speeding up your metabolism

    Doesn't stop me loving chai more, though!

  9. This time Croatia won 3 gold, a silver and two bronze medals. The best results in our short history. I was so happy and I cried every single time they showed those people. It's amazing to see someone being rewarded for their hard work. :)x

  10. The fact that you like Dannii Minogue makes me love you & your blog ever more!!!


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