My Week In Pictures - No.4

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Evening all, I hope you all had a fab week regardless of the horrendous weather! I can't believe this is my fourth My Week In Pictures post! Madness, 2012 is flying by.
I added a little Marilyn Monroe post at the end, in memory of one of my biggest idols who's sadly 50 years gone today. Devastating!

  • Devastated that one of the back pockets off my American Apparel Disco Pants randomly fell off the other day. I can't even stitch it back on, as the pockets are glued on and I'd be afraid to mess them up even more! Not happy about it, especially not from €80 trousers. I emailed American Apparel about them, so hopefully I hear a reply.
  • My pretty Nana.
  • I tidied my room the other day, and tackled my ever-expanding wardrobe.
  • Today's nails; a gorgeous retro red Smokin Hot from Elf. They've recently improved their nail polish formula, and it's absolutely gorgeous on and very opaque.
  • My victory roll hairstyle today - I loveeee it!
  • Myself and my cousin Eleanor.
  • My all-time favourite perfume; Chanel No.5.
  • A teeny-weeny segment of my Marilyn collection, the books were my Aunty's and they're over 20 years old!
  • Yummy Chinese grub with Conor and Sarah yesterday.

R.I.P Marilyn Monroe, 50 years gone.

I find it hard to express my love and adoration for Marilyn Monroe. Ever since I was a child, I've been infatuated with ther. My Mum and Aunty were obsessed also love her, so I was surrounded by photos, films and books of Marilyn all through my childhood. I used to flick through the books on her for hours upon hours each night, amazed by her beauty and style. As I grew up, I started getting into her movies and "life story" more, I idolised her. All through the years, my love for Marilyn has grown and grown, and still to this day I idolise her. 
She was an extremely misunderstood woman, who had so much love and creativity to give and express. She had such a difficult childhood - to come from virtually nothing, to becoming the world's biggest superstar is absolutely mind-blowing. She definitely was one of the special ones, she was born with a giant heart and ethereal beauty.  
I've watched every single movie of hers, seen every single documentary, read every book - you name it! I find her such an interesting human being to read into. I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for Marilyn Monroe. Due to my early interest in her, I developed a huge love for Old Hollywood in general and the 1940s and 50s especially. It has influenced my style, my interests and myself in general. I feel far more connected to that era, than I do in the present one. 
I genuinely cannot believe it has been 50 years since this star has passed, but her light still shines on - beaming. Not many people know Marilyn's story, and judge her far too quickly and harshly. She had so much more to give to the world, and unfortunately her life was cut way too short. I'm not going to discuss her death - there's hundreds and theories and conspiracies about it, as everyone knows. Did the Kennedy's kill her? Did she commit suicide? Was it an accidental overdose? We'll never know. Only the flies on the wall know exactly what went on that night, and regardless of what and how it happened, an extremely precious human being was lost.
I find it hard to write about her without getting emotional, so excuse this random little snippet. She has inspired me beyond belief, and I'll adore her until the day I die. May her legacy live on, R.I.P Norma Jeane. 


  1. Your nana and cousin are so beautiful! I'd love to see a tutorial for victory rolls- they look absolutely amazing! It was so lovely to read what you wrote about Marilyn. I can tell that you have a real adoration for her, and you write so eloquently. I recently bought 'My Week With Marilyn' and I've yet to see it- I think I will do now! xxx

  2. How do you do that hairstyle?? Plase a tutorial or sth like that. Pls pls pls!!!

  3. I can't believe that happened to your disco pants, I hope they sort it out for you! I absolutely adore Marilyn, she's timeless. She definitely contributed to my love of old Hollywood too, How To Marry a Millionaire is one of my favourite films so Marilyn, Lauren and Betty in one film is a bit of a treat aha. This was a lovely post! xx

  4. Love Marilyn Monroe! I can't stand when people say that she's their "idol" and they've never watched one of her films or know anything about her. Or when they use quotes she never said. Her name was also Norma Jeane by the way.

    1. I said R.I.P Norma Jeane at the end of the post, I know!

    2. Oh well when I read it on Tumblr I could have sworn you spelled it 'Jean' - sorry

  5. You gotta start doing some hair tutorials on youtube. Your hair always looks awesome.

  6. Just to let you know there's a fab instagram account with some beautiful photos of her on it just incase you want to check it out, called welovemarilyn :)

  7. so glad to hear ELF has reformulated their polishes... any nail polish I've had from them before has just been awful! also your hair looks AMAZING in the victory rolls! Your tribute to Marilyn was really beautifully written, I enjoyed reading it! xx

  8. I can't believe what happened to your disco pants! I've heard of a lot of faults with them recently, I hope nothing happens to mine :S You look lovely with your hair in victory rolls, you should do a tutorial! xx

  9. Do some hair tutorials pleasee :)



  10. I love these 'week in pictures' posts and that hairstyle is amazing on you! Definitely agree with the things you said about Marilyn Monroe! She is one of the most amazing, beautiful and misunderstood women I think we'll ever see! Whenever I see her photo, I'm completely in awe of her! Lovely post! :) Xxx

  11. Your victory roll hairstyle is gorgeous. RIP Marilyn,

    Chloe xo


  12. The chinese at the end of the photos - i have been craving a chinese for DAAAAYS...YUM.

    This is such a lovely post you wrote about Marilyn Monroe! I don't know much about her other than she is truly stunning, but i'm pretty interested in reading some books about her now and to see the movies! Great post :) x

  13. your victory roll hairstyle is fab! and this is a great post, your nana is so beautiful!! and i completely agree with every word you said about marylin monroe (norma jean) x <3 :)

  14. Great set of pictures this week Leanne! Jesus that's outrageous about the disco pants, hope you hear back from AA soon, that's not on. Loved your piece about Marilyn Monroe too - although I am not as big a fan as my sister, she has loads of books & stuff about her life. She has such an intriguing and tragic story. 50 years, wow. RIP Norma Jean. Sorry, Jeane. ;-)

  15. Marilyn was and still is such an idol! I love her and am sure she will always remain an idol.

    PS. I love your pinup make up!


  16. I really admire your love of Marilyn! Could you do a tutorial on the victory rolls? they look amazing!

  17. Your Victory roll hair do is fantastic! I have always envied people that can do that! I have never known how!

  18. i love Marilyn too!:)



  19. love your hair in the middle picture, you look so gorgeous! i'm a big marilyn fan too, it's great to see us all keeping her legacy alive <3 xx


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