M.A.C x Marilyn Monroe Collection - Official Pictures!

 M.A.C announced their Marilyn Monroe collection plans monthssss ago, and all of us Old Hollywood fans nearly collapsed with excitement! The release of these Marilyn Monroe inspired products is set for this October, which I personally think should of been this month to coincide with her anniversary - just saying! The products look gorgeous however, they're all colours I had expected and wanted for a classic 50s collection. There will be 30 products; everything from nail polishes, to lipsticks to eyeshadows. 
Unfortunately, I hate the packaging. I've hated the packaging on the last few M.A.C collections, and thought the Marilyn one would be something a bit more exciting! For a start, the picture they used of her is from The Black Sitting by Milton Greene in 1956. Definitely not a range of photos for a makeup collection, I was expecting something from her earlier shoots (a photo from this shoot would of been ideal - it actually shows her classic makeup and beauty in more detail). It all looks a tad drab, and almost cheap looking - which is a pity. Nonetheless, I'll be saving money from here on in to buy a chunk of this collection. I love the shades, they're very me and I need anything Marilyn Monroe, as we all know! 

What do you think of the Marilyn Monroe collection for M.A.C?