M.A.C Strobe Cream - Review

Evening! Sorry I've been posting all over the place over the last week or so peeps, my internet connection is appalling (damn you Vodafone) and we're currently trying to fix that problem. It's driving me nuts! I haven't reviewed a M.A.C product in quite a while, so I thought I'd do one today as I know most of my readers are M.A.C-obsessed! Personally, I'm not M.A.C obsessed at all, unlike the majority of the beauty blogger world. I have a small enough collection of their products (in comparison to some people) and have never been absolutely amazed by any of their products before. I went on an impulsive M.A.C spending spree last month however, picking up a good few bits that have been on my wishlist for months.
One of the items I picked up, was their famous Strobe Cream. I picked up the full size 50ml tube for €31.50. I was really apprehensive about spending that amount of money on a highlighter, but the sales assistant convinced me it would be an investment and that it would last me at least a year, if not longer. I've been using it regularly since I purchased it, and I am happy with it. I find myself happy with the majority of M.A.C products I buy, but never over the moon with them so to speak! I never repurchase products from them (expect for this) and I find myself reaching for my high street alternatives instead, constantly.
Don't get me wrong, the cream is good. It's lovely to mix in with your foundation, to lighten the consistency and to add a healthy sheen to the face. It's nice to pat over your foundation, to give a natural hightlight to the facial features or all over to add a glow on top of your foundation. It instantly brightens up the face, so it is great to apply over your moisturiser even if you're not wearing any makeup. It's moisturising and does set into the skin quite quickly, which I like. However, for over €30 I just don't see myself ever repurchasing this item and as I said before, it's not something I've absolutely fallen head over heels in love with.
I find with a lot of M.A.C products, there's so much hype built up around them that when I buy something, my expectations are almost too high and I'm left feeling disappointed? I've one or two other M.A.C products to review from my haul, that I've also been disappointed with unfortunately. I just find myself always thinking that so and so was a waste of money, and that I could of saved a few euro by buying a high street alternative. My favourite highlighter at the moment is Lush's 'Feeling Younger' from their new Emotional Brilliance makeup line. It's half the price of Strobe Cream, and it does more or less the exact same thing. 
I know a ton of people swear by this product and a lot of other M.A.C products that I've bought, due to the hype surrounding them. I just find myself feeling slightly indifferent about this product. I like it, but it isn't anything special to me and especially not for the price. All I can say is "meh".

Do you like Strobe Cream? Has a M.A.C product ever disappointed you?