July Favourites

Evening all, here's my monthly favourites as per usual. I've been using these products constantly throughout the month of July, and as you can see I've been loving Clarins especially! I love discovering new brands to look into, it's exciting finding new products to have a play around with. I hope you all had a fab month, and let's hope there's more sun coming our way for August!
  • Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses - My staple sunnies for the Summer, I adore the design and the gorgeous purple-pink colour of them. They're oversized without going OTT and they're perfect for blocking out the sun's rays - whenever we get any!
  • Clarins Colour Accents Face & Blush Powder - I absolutely LOVE Clarins makeup lately, I'm obsessed with their products and their stunning packaging. This gorgeous powder comes in the chicest gold compact, with a gorgeous design on the powder itself. The blend of powders together are perfect for the Summer, and don't look too orangey on my pale skin.
  • The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter - This body butter is getting heaps scooped out of it daily! It's smells delish and works wonders at hydrating my skin. I'm excited to try out other body butters now, as I can honestly say I've been converted. 
  • Pease nail polish (No. 126 & 141) - These beautiful two shades have been on my nails for most of July, I adore them. The colours are both so opaque even after one coat, they're hard to chip and the quality of the polish itself is fantastic. 
  • Essence 'Like A Girls' Night Out' perfume - I can't stop spraying this EVERYWHERE - on myself, all over my room, on my clothes. It's delish! I love all of Essence's new perfumes, but I have to say this fruity scent is by far my favourite. What a bargain at €7.99, hey?
  • Lush 'Feeling Younger' highlighter - This highlighting cream has officially taken over from Benefit's High Beam (madness, I know). You get so much product in this glass jar, and you only need the tiniest bit! It's perfect for applying on to cheekbones, eyebrow arches, cupids bows or everywhere, if you're a highlighting junkie like me. You could also mix this in with your foundation for any extra dewy glow to the face.
  • Lush 'Passionate' lipstick - I've been over-wearing this lipstick to death! The pink shade compliments my skintone perfectly, and the texture of the product is so gorgeous on. You almost forget you're even wearing lippy! It lasts for quite a while on the lips, and once it fades off it becomes a stain which still looks just as nice. You can blend it out into a stain initially, if you don't want such a bright pop of colour.
  • Clarins Kohl Eye Pencil (01 Extreme Black) - I've been on the hunt for a creamy and opaque black eyeliner pencil for months now, and I'm delighted to have discovered this gem. It glides beautifully on to the waterline, and is 100% jet-black once applied. It's easy to smudge too, if you're going for a smokey look on the top and bottom lash lines.
  • Clarins Instant Definition Mascara (04 Intense Plum) - Never did I think I would fall in love with a purple mascara, but alas - I have! This Clarins mascara is absolutely GORGEOUS, the brush is amazing. It's one those brushes that grips on to every single lash and gives instant volume and definition. The purple isn't as noticeable as I thought initially, it's so dark that it can pass as black. The purple really suits my hazel eyes, and it's a colour I'll look into buying in the future. I'm currently saving up to buy this mascara in black as I love it so much!

What are your favourite products from the month of July?

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  1. Ooooh i've been curious about Lush's new makeup range for a while now and this has just made me want to get some!

  2. You can't beat Body Shop body butter, it smells too good. I'm a High Beam addict so I think that I'll have to invest in some Feeling Younger! x

  3. Ohh, the purple mascara sounds awesome! I also want to try the Clarins kohl pencil you mentioned...I'm on the hunt for the perfect, rich black kohl liner. Thanks for the recommendations!

    - Samantha

  4. I love these posts, the essence perfume sounds amazing ahhh...

    chloe xo


  5. I love Lush's tea tree water toner! Your favourites posts always make me want to go and buy it all! :)


  6. loved this post!will have to look into clarins! x

  7. Bought that perfume today ... in love!!!

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  8. love the favorite posts!!


  9. I love the Body Shop Body butters - the mango one!! but they're so expensive so I can never stretch to the price x

  10. I can't wait to try the new peach body butter when it comes out! Hope they do the scent in other things like the body mist too! :) xx


  11. Those sunglasses are DARLING!


  12. May have to go grab the Peach Body Butter! Everything peach is so yummy! xx

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  14. Hi Leanne! Quick question, how do you store your lush shampoo bars, I'm losing precious suds! haha.


  15. The blueberry one is being stopped so I went and bought 3 tubs they're amazing! The cherry is wonderful too! x


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