Vineyard Peach Body Butter & Scrub - Review

 Morning all, and Happy Friday - this week flew in, eh? I have a scrumptious review for you all on two gorgeous new products from The Body Shop. I was sent out the new Vineyard Peach body butter and body scrubs to test out, and oh my goodness.. yum x100! These are dangerous products; you will want to eat them. Seriously.
I've always been aware of The Body Shop's body butters before, and have always had a play around with them any time I pop into the shop. However, I've never actually owned one! I know, it's weird. I'm delighted to have finally been able to try one out at home for myself, and I can honestly say I am now an official body butter maniac! I want them ALL. The texture is just like butter - thick and creamy. It glides effortlessly on to the skin and sinks in straight-away. It moisturises brilliantly, and the scent lingers on the skin for a good while after application. It claims to offer 24 hours hydration, and is especially good for dry skin
I use the body scrub once or twice a week, all over my body for a deep cleanse and exfoliation. It's fantastic to use on the thighs and bum cheeks (oh la), as exfoliating helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks over time. I unfortunately have stretch marks scattered everywhere, I'm tremendously self-conscious over them so hopefully this scrub will improve the appearance of them a little. (If you guys want a post/ video on reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scarring - let me know in the comments!) It's also brilliant to use just before shaving, as it completely gets rid of any flaky dead skin on the surface. I use a loofah to exfoliate with, but your hands would be just as good if you want a gentler cleanse. If you use the scrub and body butter with each other, the smell lingers for ages on your skin. I adore it!
The peachy scent from both of these products is absolutely divine, they both smell exactly like peach and will have you sniffing at them repeatedly throughout the day. The body scrub smells a tad sweeter than the body butter, almost like almond icing. Peach was never a scent I particularly went for, but I did always like it. I think I'm a tad hooked now..
The Body Shop are releasing their new Vineyard Peach collection this September, so keep your eyes peeled and definitely give them a try in the shops! I highly recommend both of these products.

Have you ever tried a Body Shop body butter or scrub? What's your favourite?