Pixy Foot Scrub & Cream - Review

 Evening m'dears! I thought I'd review some products that are going to be a slight shock to some of you - foot products! Before I even get into the review, I'd just like to state that I have a serious phobia of feet. Even typing feet makes me shiver. I hate them, I pretend they don't exist, I hate looking at other people's.. I just, ew. When Pixy sent me these feet treat delights to review however, I was actually excited! It sounds like a very deep thing to say in a review post, but I think I'm reaching that stage in life where I'm beginning to feel comfortable with "who I am" - warts and all. (I don't have warts, but you know the drill..) I haven't worn flip flops, sandals, feet-exposing shoes since I was around 12 years old. Showing my tootsies off puts the fear of God into me - I want that to stop! Many a time have I glanced at a beautiful pair of shoes, only to put them back seeing as they're peep-toes. I want to stop that, I want to accept the fact that YES feet exist and I'm more than prepared to start pampering mine.
Pixy are an Irish natural skincare brand, available to buy from a handful of pharmacies across Ireland and they also have an online store. They're affordable, all of their products are jam-packed with skin-loving natural ingredients and their products are fantastic. Admittedly, I've only tried these two as of yet but I've read tons of reviews gushing over how amazing Pixy are! 
I was sent out the Solid Foot Scrub (€8.75) and the Peppermint Foot Cream (€9.49) to have a play with. I was determined to acknowledge my feet once and for all, and I used them on the night I received them. The Solid Foot Scrub is fantastic, it contains a loofah to exfoliate dead skin off of your feet (ew), it actually works and your feet feel beyond smooth after use! The scrub contains cocoa butter to moisturise and tea tree to keep them fresh. I gently scrubbed my feet with this whilst in the bath after a few minutes, when the skin was already soft from soaking in the warm water. 
I applied the Peppermint Foot Cream straight after my bath, and I couldn't help think of the wonderful "Your face smells like peppermint!" line from Mean Girls all through the application (sigh). It smells so delicious that I was tempted to actually have a taste of the cream.. I really wish I was exaggerating. It feels absolutely gorgeous once applied to the skin, it's oh-so moisturising and creamy. I gave my feet a good massage with this (I know, I'm in shock too) and they felt divine afterwards. It takes a while to sink in, so leave putting socks on for an hour or two after application. I then proceeded to give my toe nails a manicure. It was like a whole new world had been opened up to me, haha!
I highly recommend both of these products, and the fact that they're made by an Irish company makes me love them even more! I think they're priced well, especially for the amount of product you get and the quality of both. 
Minty heaven in a tub.
The exfoliating Solid Foot Scrub!
Have you guys ever tried Pixy? What are your favourite foot products?