Outfit Of The Day - Fast Car

Afternoon everyone! During my "photoshoot" day with Conor last week, I came up this very feminine and ballerina-esque outfit. Pink is rarely a colour I wear, especially baby pink! I tend to veer away from overly-girlie outfits and looks, so this was definitely a step outside of my comfort zone. I did ballet for nearly 10 years as a child, and have always loved the influence it has on fashion. The basic pink leotard and disco shorts make the outfit chic, but simple. The floral headband and earrings add that slight edge to the look, keeping it very 'me' and youthful looking. You can't go wrong with simple basics like these; they're easy to wear for any season and occasion. American Apparel and H&M are the best high street shops for basics and interchangeable pieces, it's a good idea to stock up on them to mix together for different outfits and looks.

Leotard // Glamorous UK
Disco Shorts // American Apparel
Ankh Earrings // Topshop
Floral Headband // Penneys (Primark)