Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Week In Pictures - No.2

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  1. I tidied my desk, finally! Let's hope it stays organised.
  2. My last takeaway treat for a good while, myself and Sarah felt ill after all of this pizza!
  3. Perfect afternoon? Watching Pretty Little Liars with some green tea and chocolate.
  4. I went for a gorgeous pampering treatment last week in The Body Shop, Grafton Street. Eleanor gave me a fantastic facial and makeover, after my wonderful eyebrow threading treatment.
  5. Sarah avec moi, on the bus.
  6. Lovely packages arrived over the last few days, excited to review and feature all of these guys.
  7. My gorgeous striped anchor nails from the Diet Coke by Jean Paul Gaultier event on Thursday.
  8. My favourite snack at the mo - unsalted ricecakes and humous! Healthy and yummy.
  9. My new favourite lipstick is from Lush's new makeup range 'Emotional Brilliance'. This lippy is in the shade 'Passionate' - expect a giant review on this range next week, it's so exciting!
The Body Shop, Grafton Street pampering treatment.
The Body Shop threading space. 
The Body Shop are having a GIGANTIC sale at the mo, body butters for €10? Don't mind if I do.. 
Makeup goodies at The Body Shop.
 Get the backstage feeling with Diet Coke by Jean Paul Gaultier Event.

Myself and Joanne with some hot sailors - meow!
My fabulous Jean Paul Gaultier anchor nail wraps and temporary tattoos - love! 
Joanne, myself (looking orange), Conor and Matthew.

Matthew working the neon trend to a T! Glam accessories.  
Cheeky mirror snap! Myself and Conor.
I hope you all enjoyed this week's post and have had a fab week yourselves!


  1. Great pictures :) The event looks awesome x

  2. Looks like you had a great week. I love these sort of posts, to see what people get up to. Your nails are AMAZING by the way.

    Sarah Betty xx

  3. looks like you had fun! leanne u are so awesome and i can't tell you how much i love your style!

  4. This looks amazing! It looks like you had a fab week! I can't wait for your Lush lipstick post, they look so amazing xx

  5. I love picture posts, I'm such a nosy cow! Everyone looks fab, Diet Coke event looked like great craic, love the nails & tattoos!

  6. Can't wait to read your review of your lush lipstick (as a follow pale girl, i trust your reviews!) LOVE your nails!!!! xx

  7. love all the photos looks fun :)
    i love doing these posts and reading other blog ones :)



  8. I like your my week in pictures post. Not many bloggers explain what was going on in the pictures in great detail which is why I like yours :)

  9. Love these kind of posts :)

  10. I forgot how much I used to love the Body Shop ... have to go there on monday!!
    Hope you have a fab week too, Leanne!


  11. I love posts with lots of pictures, looks so fun and body shop make up is great :)


    <3 x

  12. lovely pictures!


  13. Pizza! NUM NUM :3
    You're so pretty, no lie.
    Make that temporary tattoo into a permanent tattoo! <3

  14. Those nails are beauts - tutorial??

    http://ohmyolivia.blogspot.co.uk/ xo

  15. your desk is so gorgeous! i'd love a work space like that. really wanna get the Jean Paul Gaultier coke's, i have a karl lagerfeld one, the bottles are so pretty :) x


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