Lush Shampoo Bars - The Big Review!

Photo source: Tumblr.
Hello all! I have a mighty review up for you all today, as it's one of my most requested reviews of all time. I'll be reviewing three of Lush's shampoo bars. I've used three up over the past two years, and I've been a huge fan ever since I bought my first one in 2010! I'm a Lush fanatic, and I try to use natural products for my hair when I can. I'm a loyal customer of the brand, I love their ethos and I find the majority of their products absolutely fantastic and highly beneficial. 
Some of you may be thinking what the hell is a shampoo bar!? Well, it's literally just solidified shampoo. Not only do these bars equal to the same amount as three large bottle of shampoo, they're also better for the environment (obviously, as you're not throwing out any plastic packaging). They're ideal for travel, and one bar usually lasts me at least 6 months! They're priced at around €7, depending on which bar you choose - if you think of cost per use, it's practically nothing! Each bar is suited for a different hair type, and they're all jam-packed with natural goodness. They don't contain a lot of the damaging preservatives and silicones found in commercial shampoos, hence why they makes such a difference to your hair after use.

To use the shampoo bars: you can either rub the bar between wet hands until it foams up a tad and then place it on to your hair OR you can use the method I personally prefer - I swipe the bar over my wet hair twice or three times (usually on the top of my head), until a lather foams up and then I wash away! It's as simple as that, and really easy to use and work with. They're particularly great if you have coloured or damaged hair, as they really restore some life and health back into it. The three bars I review below, are all vegan-friendly also!

My first ever shampoo bar, and my ultimate favourite! I bought a Seanik bar in late 2010, as my hair was lacking life and was in quite bad condition from dyeing jobs over the years. Seanik contains Irish moss and seaweed, which are both extremely great to soften your hair. The lemon juice in it adds a stunning shine to your locks, and the sea salt adds volume and body. My hair is very limp and fine, and oh-boy did this shampoo bar transform my hair! It grew inches within a few months, it was bouncy and healthy looking and the shine off of it was incredible. Compliments were being thrown at me in regards to my hair daily, it completely changed my hair for the better. I plan on repurchasing it this week, I love it!

The second shampoo bar I ever bought, with a delicious cinnamon scent to it. I bought this bar initially because it's meant to help stimulate hair growth and helps to maintain a healthy scalp. The nettle and peppermint ingredients added a shine to my hair, but the results weren't as amazing as Seanik's! This bar was good, don't get me wrong but it wasn't transformative. My hair continued to look healthy and grow, and the bar lasted me absolutely ages. It left a gorgeous scent on my hair, which lasted for a good few hours after use. I would recommend taking the cinnamon stick out towards to end by the way, as you don't want one to crumble in your hair or scrape you!

Squeaky Green:
I just finished my bar of Squeaky Green last week, and must say it was my least favourite out of the bunch. Don't get me wrong, my hair was still growing and healthy-looking but I felt it didn't actually do anything for the hair itself - especially in comparison to the others. It's great for hair that gets greasy quickly like mine, the herbs and oils in it help to balance oil production in the scalp and give the hair a thorough cleaning. I found my hair still got greasy on the second day however, so I was a bit disappointed. The bar is also quite coarse on the scalp, and can scratch at times. The other two bars had smooth surfaces, so it was something I really disliked about Squeaky Green. Towards the end of my bar, it completely fell apart into a mush and I had to throw at least 5 washes away in the bin.

Overall, I highly recommend shampoo bars but I do think you have to find the one that works best for you! I don't think I'll be testing any others out soon and as I previously mentioned, I'll be picking up Seanik again as soon as possible. I love the idea of washing my hair with something natural, and they're just so handy to throw in your travel bag for going away. Definitely pop into your nearest Lush to check them out, as they've absolutely tons of different ones for you to choose from! You can buy small tins to put the bars into, but I don't recommend them at all. I just let the bar naturally air dry on the side of my bath, and it's perfectly fine. One of my bars ended up almost melting in a tin I'd bought, so I don't think anyone needs to buy one, they're not necessary! If I wanted to store one of my bars, I'd usually pop one into a plastic sandwich bag once it was dry - simple!

Have you ever used a shampoo bar? Which one is your favourite?