Events - Benefit, Essence & Clarins!

Benefit's Glamouriety!

 Morning all! I've attended a good few fabulous events over the last few weeks, and I've decided to throw the most recent three into one big glam blog post! A few weeks back I attended the most amazing event I've ever been to yet - of course, it was a Benefit event. They never cease to amaze me with their blogger gatherings; they're always so much fun and trés informative. This particular event was held in the stunning Cafe en Seine, where Benefit were showcasing their movie about the rise of Benefit's cosmetics. In true Benefit fashion, it was glam up to the nines and absolutely hilarious! (I've embedded the movie below for you all to watch!) We sipped on yummy pink cocktails, and tried out a ton of Benefit goodies to glam ourselves up. To my delight, the music was all 1940s jazz and I almost leapt out of my seat as soon as The Andrews Sisters started playing - I was in my element! Amazing dancers then performed for us all, which was quite a nice surprise and the photo booth at the end made things even more unique and memorable.  Kudos to the amazing Gemma from the Irish Benefit team who organised this wonderful event, it was definitely one that'll stick out in my mind for a good while to say the least! Benefit is by far my favourite makeup brand at the moment, not only do I adore their products - I also love the team, their ethos and their sense of humour as a brand!
Laura, Sarah and myself at the Benefit photobooth.

 Essence Goes Fragrance!

I was thrilled to be invited to my first ever Essence event last Thursday, as you all know how big a fan I am of the brand over the last 6 years or so. The event was in celebration of their brand new fragrance line, which includes a whopping 6 new fragrances - all at affordable prices, of course! The fragrances come in two sizes: 50ml (€7.99) and 10ml (€3.49). Myself and the lovely Joanne wavered through the gorgeous Eden Restaurant in Meeting House Square, smelling all of the gorgeous fragrances and snacking on delish finger food. Both of us absolutely adored every single one of the perfumes, but we especially loved Like A Girls' Night Out - it's fruity and has such a gorgeous kick to it! I've been wearing it the past few days myself, and I'm in absolute love with the fragrance. The event was so much fun, and the candy table at the end excited us all to no limits. All of the Essence fragrances are available is pharmacies nationwide, as well as Dunnes Stores, Penneys and Heatons. They're an ideal gift for someone (or yourself), and they're at such lovely prices too that they won't break the bank. I think the smaller fragrances would make ideal room fragrances also, as they all smell divine - you could have a scent per room in your house! 

Clarins - Ombre Minérale.

 I attended the oh-so swanky Clarins event on the same day as the Essence event, and had to literally run to meet Laura afterwards to get to it in time! In typical Leanne fashion, I nearly broke my neck running outside of Topshop and embarrassed myself with my clumsiness in front of half of Dublin. Fab! The Clarins event was held in the pretty Beauty Bootcamp Studios, where the gorgeous (swoon) Claude Defresne talked us through the beautiful new Autumn range for Clarins - Ombre Minérale. This was my first Clarins event, and honestly my first time ever getting to know Clarins' makeup line. I've always known about Clarins' skincare range, so I was terribly excited to have a nose at their makeup. I wasn't let down at all, and of course I have fallen head over heels for the brand! Seeing Claude demonstrate how to apply each of the new products perfectly was so helpful, and his French accent didn't go a miss either (yet again, swoon). Clarins have brought out a range of new and exciting products for us makeup junkies, but two products in particular really caught my eye; their new 3-Dot Liner and Skin Illusion mineral foundation. Expect reviews soon, these products are going to be huge! All of us were allowed to have a play with a bunch of Clarins makeup after the demonstration, whilst eating yummy macaroons and sipping on champagne. After eating about 10 macaroons, I was totally in awe over the products and Clarins as a brand. We were lucky enough to receive very generous goodie bags at the end of the event, and I'm so excited to review all of the products for you all in the near future. There's nothing more exciting than discovering a new brand to delve into!
Myself and Laura having a play with the makeup!



  1. Ah, Claude! *swoons* The events looked like great craic, I love how they're all styled, the Benefit one looked so glam and the Essence one looked really fun.

  2. Looks like you've had a great time at all the events very jealous!,
    the macaroons look delish,
    Love Coco x x x

  3. The events look amazing! And you and the girls look fab! :) xxx

  4. It was lovely to chat to you and Joanne at the essence event Leanne! Keep up the great work on the blog!

  5. what awesome events :)..i love everything about benefit from the quirky packaging to the friendly muas :) xx

  6. That skin illusion foundation is amazing and they do lots of shades for paler skin...think your gona really like it! love seeing all the pix from the events too :) X

  7. Ooh Claude sounds like such a babe. Haha looks like you've had such a glamourous time lately! Love the sound of the Benefit event, and those pink cocktails look delish x

  8. You're so fortunate! All of these events seem totally amazing! I have to look into buying some Benefit products...I don't actually own anything by them, and their brand looks so amazing. Plus, I keep seeing them pop up all over the blogosphere. Time to check them out!

    - Samantha

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  10. great pictures!
    i recently went to the Benefit event in Cork, it was so great! loved it!


  11. those benefit cocktails look delish! these look like such great events, bet it was fun :) x

  12. Love your blog!!!

    Come and pop in some time: http://chantalblows.blogspot.com


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