Emotional Brilliance Makeup - Review & Launch Party

 Morning all! I've such an exciting post for you all, that I'm currently writing it up at 1am with a mug of green tea - I cannot wait any longer! I'm sure you're all aware that I'm a Lush junkie, I live in the store and at least 90% of my beauty product consist of the brand. You can only imagine my excitement when I heard that they were going to be launching a makeup line - all I could say was: it's about time! I patiently waited for the official announcement, and to my surprise I was delivered a delicious parcel last week, containing some of the new products from the range. The makeup collection is called 'Emotional Brilliance', inspired by the concept of matching your makeup to your psychological needs. Like all Lush products, none of these are tested on animals and they're all vegan-friendly
I went along to the VIP launch night on Friday to have a gander at the rest of the products, and the range's colour wheel! The colour wheel will be in all Lush stores, there to help you find out what your psychological needs are at that very moment and what makeup products will match it. The concept is simple; a Lush employee asks you to close your eyes and clear your mind, they then spin the wheel and you point out to the 3 colours that stand out to you most when you open your eyes. Underneath the colour palette will be a certain word such as 'Confident', that describes your current mood and shows what makeup item will match up to that. It's all a bit of fun, and very interesting! I was overwhelmed with the range of products Lush had to offer, and was swatching like a mad woman. There's everything from bright blue eyeliners, to orange lipsticks - a makeup fiend's dream!
Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with Emotional Brilliance, and I hope the range grows bigger and better as time goes on! I'd love to see Lush bring out their own cruelty-free makeup brushes, nail polishes, foundations - the lot! Definitely head into your nearest Lush store for a swatch, you guys are going to love this..
The colours that I picked out after my go of the colour wheel!
I couldn't have been more impressed with the collection, and I've been trying them out over the last few days and showing them too all of my friends and family. I was sent out a generous few products from the range, and have to say I'm delighted with each and every one of them!
  • 'Fantasy' Liquid Eyeliner (€17.95): I fell in love with this metallic gold eyeliner as soon as I opened it. It's stunning, so opaque and glides on to the eyes like a dream. It looks gorgeous on its own, or layered on top of black eyeliner. It really brings out the golden undertones in my hazel eyes. All of the liquid liners don't set as soon as you apply them, so you have the option to blend them out for a softer and smokier look if you wish.
  • 'Passionate' Liquid Lips (€17.95): My favourite product from the whole range, this beautiful cerise pink lipstick with blue undertones is just heaven in a bottle! The colour is so unique and it suits my pale complexion so well. The formulation is gorgeous, it's super moisturising and sets like a stain. You can barely even feel you're wearing lipstick! The applicator is a doe-foot, which I actually find extremely easy to use and don't need the help of a lip brush. The Liquid Lips all contain Ultrabalm to sooth and condition the lips. The lipstick is super pigmented, I find it's a bit of a toughy to remove. I use an oil-based eye makeup remover to remove it, and it wipes away instantly.
  • 'Sophisticated' Cream Eyeshadow (€17.95): I wore this eyeshadow the day my package arrived, and I absolutely love it. The light metallic coppery shade is so beautiful and would suit absolutely any skin tone. It blends so well on to the eyelid, and works well alone or used as a base. These eyeshadows contain soothing rose petals and softening jojoba and almond oils. The eyeshadow lasted all day on me, as I applied a primer beforehand. I found it easiest to blend on to the eyelid with my fingers, or a small synthetic brush.
  • 'Eyes Right' Mascara (€14.95): I was a bit wary at first when I saw this mascara; I wasn't sure if such a small applicator would work well for applying the product. The black mascara itself is great however, it lengthens the lashes and coats them fully after one swab. You definitely would need to layer 2-3 coats however if you want dramatic impact, but one layer gives lashes a fluttery and natural effect. The applicator got easier to use with time, but I definitely would prefer a longer stem on the brush. Lush hate wasting packaging, so I'm sure there's only good reasons for this teeny-tiny mascara packaging. The mascara contains wheatgrass, which is extremely beneficial to the lashes. It also contains Japan and Carnauba wax to help it set and keep smudging at bay.

(L-R) - Passionate, Sophisticated and Fantasy.
Eyes Right mascara applied to top and bottom lashes.
  • 'Charisma' Skin Tint (€14.95): This is a stunning bronze cream skin tint to wear under your makeup to give you a glow, or to be applied on to the high-points over your makeup to highlight and accentuate features. Personally, I don't think the colour suits my pale complexion but it would suit anyone who's a few shades darker than me. However, it can be worn as a blush and it works well - it just isn't for me personally! The cream blends well, and there's a heap of product in the jar which is fantastic for the price.
  • 'Feeling Younger' Skin Tint €14.95): My second favourite product of the range after 'Passionate', this creamy highlighter is an absolute gem! You all know how much I adore Benefit's 'High Beam', so when I saw this creamy highlighter I nearly collapsed with delight! I use it on my cheekbones, my eyebrow arches, on the inner corners of my eyes, my cupid's bow.. anywhere I want to highlight and pop out. It's also gorgeous mixed in with foundation, for an instant glow. You can use this also under your eyes to draw any attention away from dark circles! The texture of the cream is just delightful, and works brilliantly over or under powder. For the price, you get sooo much product and again, it would suit any skintone. It blends beautifully, and overall I'm obsessed with it. Obsesssssed!
  • 'Emotional Brilliance' Translucent Face Powder (€14.95): This fine face powder works wonders at mattifying my oily T-Zone. It's light-reflecting and adds a slight glow to the skin once applied. It doesn't make your makeup cakey if reapplied throughout the day, and it's definitely a must-have from the range. The powder contains softening jojoba oil and protects your skin from the harsh outdoors! The only disappointing thing about the powder is its packaging; it's quite difficult to get your brush into the small glass jar, it makes a slight mess and it's quite heavy to carry around in your bag, due to the jar being made out of glass.

(L-R) Charisma, Feeling Younger and Emotional Brilliance.
Charisma blended in at the bottom, and Feeling Youthful blended in above it.
Emotional Brilliance is available in all Lush stores and online.