Company Magazine - August 2012

Aloha folks! I've decided to start a new series on the blog, where I'll review a few magazines each month. I'm an avid magazine reader (not as bad as I used to be), and feel the need to share my love for certain issues I buy each month. I religiously buy Company and Glamour, they're two magazines that are as cheap as chips and are always a brilliant read. I sometimes buy ELLE UK, Stellar (Irish mag), more! and the odd Vogue and InStyle here and there, depending on how much cash I have to spare! I hope you all like this series, and please let me know if you'd like me to do it monthly.
I'm always impressed with Company, especially since it had its revamp - it's one of the only magazines to completely latch on the blogosphere and incorporate it on print. I find a lot of magazines only half-ass bother with blogs and online features, whereas Company have completely embraced the internet age with open arms! They feature bloggers in their monthly Street Girl spread, where bloggers style this season's current trends. They went that extra mile as usual, and featured bloggers testing out some gorgeous coral beauty products in their Fashion Five feature. Company is clearly a magazine that values its readers feedback and opinions, its lovely to know that as a reader. I've been buying Company for almost 5 years now, and I'm loving it more than ever! Their Company Collective group on Facebook is a fantastic way to engage with other readers and the Company team themselves.
The Company Collection group voted on this month's cover FYI - Gillian Zinser. Being honest, I'd never heard of her until this issue but I had seen some of her photos glide around the street style world from time to time. She's known mostly for being in the hit tv series 90210, but she's also raked up ultimate style points with her laid-back surfer chick style. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her interview, and the photos were gorgeous. She's definitely one to watch!
Company had some brilliant articles and features to get stuck into, as per usual - my favourites being Internash Fash, Déjá Shoe and #WideAwakeClub. I read the magazine in one go, and found myself bookmarking page after page after getting a boost of inspiration from it. 
Company magazine is sold in most supermarkets and newsagents, in both Ireland and the UK (not sure about other countries), for a teensy £2/ around €2.20. Buy it asap, as I can guarantee you guys will love this issue from cover to cover. It's definitely my favourite issue of Company this year, so far!
It was a nice surprise to see my friend James featured in this issue, alongside his stylist friend Angela Scanlon. It's always nice to see Irish peeps in overseas publications!
A fantastic and insightful feature on fashion from around the globe.
Poolside Punk - gorgeous clobber, very Charlotte Free-inspired!
Have you read this month's Company magazine? What did you think?