Summer Outfit No.2 - 70s Siren

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Afternoon all! The second installment of my Summer Outfits inspiration posts isn't a typical Leanne outfit. I decided to swerve out my own style a tad for this shoot, and tried to mix it up a bit with incorporating different eras and trends into each look so there's something for everyone! 
I've never been into early 70s trends at all, I've always just looked for inspiration from 1975 onwards with the punk takeover, especially in the UK. This is very early 70s boho inspired, with a print floppy hat and chunky faux fur jacket. It's perfect for Summer, and is again quite an easy outfit to wear for either day or night. I love mixing textures together, so the sequin-denim-fur combination of this look really worked well together, and balanced each other out. All of the colours are cool and neutral, but the blue denim shorts and belt added an instant pop of colour to break all of the shades down. You can see how versatile a pair of nude heels can be, because they go with everything and anything - they're a must-have for any girl! 

Hat // ASOS
Jacket // Zara
Sequin Top // ASOS
Short // Vintage Levi's @ Urban Outfitters
Heels // New Look