Summer Outfit 1 - Brighton Babe

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Morning lovelies! Today I'm starting a fabulous new outfit series showing all of you different Summer outfit ideas. My style is quite diverse so hopefully there's something for everyone. My wonderful photographer friend Conor Clinch took the amazing photos as always, and my lovely best friend Sarah Tracey assisted. There are ten shots overall, so the series will be spread out over the next few weeks.
This first outfit is one of my favourites! Whilst thinking of the outfit, I had an image of Brighton Pier in my head - ice cream vans, the sea, carnivals etc. I wanted something fun, feminine but with an extra edge! I used nautical colours clashed together to make the outfit colourful - something I need to start doing more. All of the pieces were light and easy to wear, and for comfort you could always switch the heels to a pair of Converse to tone it all down.

Shirt // Vintage
Body (Striped Top) // Glamorous
Skirt // Zara
Shoes // New Look