Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Outfit Of The Day - Turquoise Disco Pants

Good afternoon everyone! Today I have another outfit post for you all; I recently bought another pair of American Apparel's Disco Pants, in the new shade 'Deep Peacock'. I live in my black Disco Pants, and overwear them to death so I didn't think twice about dishing out the €82 for this pair (think cost per wear). I find Disco Pants go with everything and anything, they're super comfortable to wear and they wear extremely well! Turquoise is also my favourite colour, so I basically ran into American Apparel's store the other day, lusting for a pair. I must say, I am in L.O.V.E with them!
I wore them out for the first time yesterday and as they're quite a statement piece, I teamed them up with some simple and casual (for me) pieces. I wore a Sid & Nancy t-shirt I bought in Urban Outfitters (about 4 years ago), my Topshop leather jacket, an American Apparel grey hoodie, my Versace for H&M scarf (over-wearing this to death also, ugh) and my Doc Martens. I absolutely ADORE the colour gold clashing with turquoise, so I piled on some gold accessories; my Forever 21 chain necklace, a vintage peach stone ring, and two gold Topshop rings that I've purchased in the sales.
Makeup wise, I wore my usual pinup makeup but I drew a thicker-than-usual eyeliner line on my lids. I wore a Fearne Cotton for Boots pink lipstick, which is super moisturising and pretty - although it has a manky crayon scent off of it, which isn't too pleasant! I wore a lemon American Apparel nail polish also, which I picked up on sale for a wee €1.50 last week - bargain! 
Yesterday was a brilliant day for me, as I mentioned on Twitter; I felt so happy and was in such a fantastic mood all day! I woke up to see that my favourite Youtuber BeautyCrush, mentioned me as her favourite Youtuber of the month in her April Favourites video. It was beyond unexpected, and it literally made my week! Sammi (BeautyCrush) is the reason I started my own Youtube channel, she's by far my favourite guru - to receive such amazing compliments off of her was just a dream come true! As a result of her shoutout, I received over 3,000+ subscribers in a day - it's mind-blowing! I'm still getting a herd of you guys in all over my TumblrTwitterFacebook.. everything! It feels so great. If you're a new reader who's found me through BeautyCrush - welcome and I hope you enjoy my blog and other websites. I highly appreciate all of the support that my old and new followers have given me over the last few years. Without you guys, I wouldn't have the ambition and courage to take on my THUNDER + THREADS journey each day. I love you all dearly.

All photography by Conor Clinch.


  1. LOVE the colour of these, so beautiful x


  2. The disco pants are lush! Never seen anyone in turquoise ones - bet there will be a lot of people buying them now though after seeing you in them! xx

  3. I've been wanting another pair of disco pants for ages (I have black and I wear them about 4/7 days of the week!!) but I wasn't sure on colour, these look amazing, I may be swayed to this colour instead of playing it safe with grey or navy! x

  4. i'm a new follower from beauty crush :) so glad she mentioned you! what a great blog. love the disco pants - such a beautiful colour and they look amazing on you! x

  5. They are so bloody lush, arrrgghh they're amazing <3 Plus they look fabulousoooo on you. <3

  6. The look fab in this colour! I can't bring myself to pay soo much money for the black ones </3 x

  7. I've never seen anyone wear this colour version before... I was going to purchase the black ones for sixth form next year, but i might drop that idea and buy these, so fun and quirky!


  8. This outfit is SO great. I love that color; you may just be swaying me to get a pair of disco pants myself! Also, congrats in reference to being her favorite Youtuber this month :)


  9. Love the whole outfit! Especially the jewellery!

    Emily x


  10. Your style is seriously beyond immaculate and those disco pants are sublime! I've actually been following your YouTube and blog way before Sammi's, but I must say, you're both definitely my favourites. I can always look at your style for inspiration. :)

  11. Leanne I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I wish my style was as gorgeous as yours :(

  12. So refreshing to see disco pants in a shade like this! Congrats on the mention!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  13. These look incredible on you Leanne!
    Your style is fantastic, when I saw that BeautyCrush had mentioned you, I was so chuffed for you because I know how much you love her!

    The picture where you're more side on is stunning by the way. You eyes are so compelling and your expression is just so gorgeous.


  14. I nominated you for an award on my blog! x


  15. okay those disco pants need to make their way into my life right now x

  16. Hey there! I have just come across your youtube channel and you are my new favourate!!! I have been checking out your blog and watching your vid's and absolutly love your style. Im allways searching for new inspiration and am so happy I found your blog :).

    Love from a new follower and suscbriber! :)


    p.s those disco pants are amaze!

  17. love the colour of these! I have wide hips though, dunno if I would suit them! xxxx

    http://kirstysparkle.blogspot.co.uk/ (beauty blog)

    http://xkirstyxbx.blogspot.co.uk/ (personal blog)

  18. you look amazing! love those pants <3

    XO Sahra

  19. oh god i love those but i def don't think i could wear them :( they look so good on you


  20. :O your style is absolutely to die for! omg love it!

  21. Gosh those disco pants look amazing! I've never seen them in that colour before! You look lush. <3


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