Glossy Box - April 2012

Evening ladies, I hope you're all having a fab weekend! I was quite surprised last week when the postman called and presented me with a Glossy Box, I felt like I hadn't received one in aaages and was dying to open my newest pink box full of goodies. I must say, April's box was definitely one of my faves so far. As per usual, it included 5 products - the theme of this box being nature, with all of the products being organic. The box itself was also made out of recycled materials, which I thought was cute and brilliant for the environment.
Included in this box were; a Figs & Rouge lip balm, a Philip B straightening balm, a Caudalíe facial serum, a Monu Spa body cream and an Inika eyeliner pencil. I was a bit gutted to see another body cream in the box, as I find my shelves are getting full to the brim of travel sized lotions and perfumes samples from beauty boxes. However, it smells nice and I'll keep it for future trips. I was also disappointed with the Philip B straightening balm, but only because I'll get no personal use from it; my hair's naturally straight and I rarely ever use heat appliances on it, apart from my hair dryer. 
I was thrilled with the other 3 products though! The first product that caught my eye immediately was the Figs & Rouge lip balm! I've been dyyying to try one of these out for months, and was chuffed to finally have my hands on one. The packaging is beautiful, and the lip balm itself is gorgeous. It has a yummy menthol flavour to it, similar to the original Burt's Bees balm. It feels gorgeous on the lips, and is super hydrating! I've always loved eyeliners, so I was keen to try the Inika eyeliner pencil in the shade Sapphire - a beautiful royal blue shade. I've been really getting into blue eye products lately, as blues and turquoises really bring out the gold in my hazel eyes. I wore the liner for the first time the other day on my waterline, sporting a peacock-inspired makeup look. It looked great on, and applied well; it's opaque and creamy. I love it, and I know I'll get great use out of it. I was curious to try out the Caudalíe facial serum after reading an article about serums in this month's Stellar magazine - they're meant to be the "multivitamins for the face" - an extra boost! I've been applying this under my moisturiser at night, and I like it so far. I haven't seen any extremely dramatic changes with it but I'm sure it'll work its magic after a while (it also smells delish).

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