Self-Belief, Dreams & Ideas.

Pouty MacPouterson.
Morning everyone! I'm sure you've all been wondering where I have been over the last month or so, as my blog posts have been all over the place. I decided to take a small break from posting daily, due to a number of things, but I'm happy to say I'll be back blogging as normal from today onwards.
April was quite a messy month for me, stress and life wise. I had college dilemmas, a 'where am I going in life' crisis, and a bunch of other 19 year old dramatic crises. I declined a deferral to study History and English in UCD this year; some may disapprove of the decision but deep-down I know it's the right choice for me. I think I'd be taking the course up, to please other people and not myself. I didn't find it entirely beneficial for me in the long run either, so I went through a lot of stress regarding that over the last few weeks. My skin's broken out, my nails have become weak, I developed a flu - stress really takes its toll on my appearance, thank god for makeup! However, I can safely say, I feel like I've put my foot in the ground with where I want to go in life and what path I want to go down now. I feel 'real' experience in the fashion world, suits me more-so than attending a college. I feel building up experience now, and applying for an overseas fashion course in the future, would suit me instead of doing a course now just for the sake of it. 
Career-wise, fashion is still my calling! Just the areas of fashion I originally wished to go down, have altered slightly. I always said I wanted to become a fashion journalist, but over the last few months that's changed. I find myself enjoying the visual side of fashion more-so these days, in comparison to text. My interests change over the course of time, and I feel I have so much more to give than just sticking to one area. I find I'm not a one-trick pony when it comes to fashion, my interests vary within the field. I used to adore writing, that was my main focus but now I prefer recording videos, as I previously stated. That could change next week for all I know, but for now it's what I'm really enjoying. I feel I've so much to give and express to the fashion world, and I'm glad I've finally come to terms with that. I don't need to stick to just one aspect of the industry, I want to expand my interests and explore fashion as a whole. 
I've so many plans and ideas bubbling in my head, surrounding this blog and my other websites. I'm excited to get my hands dirty and get stuck into each idea, it's all really exciting and refreshing for me personally. I think before, I was almost apprehensive to delve into new and unfamiliar areas, just because I was afraid of what people may think. I've finally become comfortable with my dreams, ideas and aspirations. I may be reaching for the starts entirely, and may seem a tad unrealistic at times.. but hey-ho
April was a messy month, as I said before but it was a great month also. I turned the fabulous (ehhh) age of 19, won the 'Style It With Bloglovin' competition on ASOS (thanks to all you fabulous peeps for voting for me) and have received some fantastic personal news, that has lifted a giant weight off of my shoulders. Summer's coming up, and I couldn't be more excited! I've a family wedding to attend next month, which I'm beyond excited about. There are a ton of events planned for over the next few weeks also, so expect coverage on them. I can finally say I feel better than I have done in months, and I'm so excited to bring you all on my THUNDER + THREADS journey with me!