Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash - Review

Afternoon all, I hope you're enjoying the endless days of rain as much as I am (ughhhh). I thought I'd do a mighty beauty review for you all, on one of the worst products I've tried in months. I was terribly excited to get my hands on Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit Wash, after hearing tons of fantastic reviews about it in regarding clearing up bad skin. I tweeted that I had bought it ages ago, and my replies went crazy! Half of my replies we're saying it was a god-send, and that it changed their lives - the other half were banishing it to hell and saying it messed up their skin. I was apprehensive to try it afterwards, but did so anyways to see if it would benefit me personally.
The first few days of using the product, both morning and night, were fine; my skin felt refreshed, clean and quite smooth! I liked how the wash didn't foam up too much, the pump made it easier to use and I adored the scent of it. However, after around 3-4 weeks of using it, my skin turned into a living nightmare!
Fortunately I've never suffered extreme acne, I've always just had problems with one or two blemishes which I always found grand to deal with, as they were easy to cover up etc. I have oily to combination skin; an oily t-zone, and the odd dry/ flaky patch around the outer section of my face. My skin took a turn for the worse around March though, due to stress so I was looking for something to bring my skin back to the way it was last year. After around the third week of using this product, I broke out horrifically - I hadn't had such a bad breakout since I was about 13/14. I usually only get blemishes around my jawline/ chin area (due to hormones), but this time they were EVERYWHERE! My forehead, hairline, cheeks, nose.. you name it. I was in shock, and unbelievably upset and confused. I knew deep down it was from the wash, I was thinking maybe it was a 'get worse, before it gets better' type of product, but I just didn't want to chance it and stopped using it straight away.
I stopped using it around 2 weeks ago, and my skin still hasn't cleared up. I want to cry every time I look in the mirror! I look like a 14 year old, with blemishes dotted all over my face, and the skin on my nose is flaky and incredibly irritable. It's SUCH a confidence knocker! I've changed my skincare routine due to this, I apply Sudocrem constantly to the blemishes but they just keep propping up. I bought a new exfoliating face wash from Simple recently, so hopefully that works better than this nightmare in a bottle. I rarely get such bad reactions to products, the last time it happened was when I used Lush's moisturisers that were too thick for my skin.
In conclusion, this wash has completely f*cked up my skin. It did not eliminate any spots or blackheads, it just worsened them and created more. It costs around €5, depending on where you buy it. I think it's one of those products that works like Marmite, your skin will either love it or hate it. Personally, I'd rather wash my face with bleach than use this again as I'm still paying the price for trying it out. If you guys have any skincare product recommendations for oily-comb/ blemish-prone skin, please let me know in the comments below!

Have you tried this face wash? What did you think of it?