My Birthday Outfits!

Evening all! It was my birthday on Wednesday, and I turned 19 - an incredibly boring age, I think. I celebrated it by going for some retail therapy in Dundrum with a friend that afternoon, and I also went out that night to partayyyy! I had a fantastic day, and all of your birthday wishes meant the world to me.. so thank you.
I wore two outfits; one daytime and one nighttime. My daytime look (above) consisted of my classic biker chic look; my Topshop faux leather jacket, Topshop choker necklace, leopard print H&M t-shirt, vintage Levi shorts and my Doc Martens. 
Heading out that night, I wore a brand new leopard print H&M dress I bought that day (birthday haul up next week), a lace crop t-shirt underneath, the same Topshop choker necklace and Doc Martens. I like to be comfortable when heading out to clubs, I never wear heels - I dance like Beyoncé with a few cocktails in me, so heels just ain't an option!
These photos were taken with Instagram, I recently downloaded it for my Android phone - my name on it is 'LeanneWoodfull'. Give me a follow and check out my snaps. It's addictive!

One of my childhood best friends passed away the other day; my Auntie's beautiful dog Angel. I grew up with her, and absolutely adored her. It's heartbreaking to know she's passed on, but we had such great times together. R.I.P Angel, you were such a gem. <3