Benefit 'Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW' - Review

When word spread around about Benefit's new liquid foundation coming out, the beauty world went a tad craycray! Never have I seen beauty bloggers become so excited and curious about a product in months! I, of course, was terribly excited myself to try it and couldn't stop nattering on about it to friends and fellow bloggers alike. Benefit's currently my favourite beauty brand by a mile - I adore their products, I adore the Benefit team and I'm just 100% Bene-obsessed at the mo.
I was lucky enough to be sent out a bottle of the new liquid foundation 'Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW' (mouthful, yep). I was colour-matched at the preview event, and was convinced this would be my new holy grail product for my pasty skin. Unfortunately, I was wrong!
I was colour-matched to be the lightest shade from the range 'Ivory', and in fairness it did look ok in false light and on top of my Revlon foundation. However, when I tested it out at home on my bare skin, it was miles too dark for me. It'd be the equivalent of an NC15 from M.A.C, and I'm at least two shades lighter than that. I was so disappointed, as I adore the foundation itself.
I have combination-oily skin, and this is the first foundation to not apply onto my skin like a slab of grease down my T-zone. It left a semi-dewy finish, something I rarely like but I adored it with this one. Powder is not necessary, but I applied it nonetheless to keep my makeup in place. It has fantastic lasting power, is extremely buildable (you can build it up on blemishes and under eye circles, to use as a concealer also), it has a high SPF of 25, is oil- free, hydrating for the skin, contains skin-loving vitamins.. the list goes on! I think you can see why I was so devastated, when the foundation didn't match me. I'll just go and cry in a corner..
I highly recommend this product to you all though, as I know I'm in a minority with having one-shade-off-white skin, so I presume this would work for most average 'pale' skintones. It retails for around €30, like most high-end foundations and I do think it's worth the money, as product's so fantastic itself. 

Hello Flawless swatch, blobbed and blended in.
Hello Flawless (left) and my MUFE Mat Velvet + (shade 15) to the right, which matches my skin tone.
Cutie Benefit beauty notes - I love these!

Please ignore the photo's layout being crooked - AGAIN! Blogger, stop annoying me..