Beaut Boutique Jewellery - Review

 When the lovely Ruthy from The Beaut Boutique on Etsy, contacted me to see if I wanted to review some of her handmade pieces, I jumped at the chance! I constantly wander along the kitsch halls of Etsy, drooling over all of the stunning handmade and vintage pieces sellers have to offer - these pieces are a typical of example of the kitsch, vintage-inspired pieces that I so aimlessly hunt down on shopping trips. I am thrilled with them!
Ruthy sent me a very generous parcel, containing three of the most adorable pieces I've seen in yonks! Before I even get into the jewellery however, I need to talk about the packaging. Packaging and presentation has always been quite important to me, so when this package arrived wrapped carefully in bubble wrap, each item inserted into an individual bag and a cute little note tag attached - I was 'awwwwh-ing' all over the place (my Nana was even complimenting the packaging, that says it all).
The Jammie Dodger earrings amazed me when I first saw them. They are possibly the cutest earrings I've ever seen in my entire life, fact! They're absolutely stunning on, and the details on them are outstanding. They're beyond pretty, and are also so unique and edgy; I'll definitely be getting wear out of these. They're not heavy and feel extremely light when you wear them, they also didn't irritate my ears, which is a big plus!
Jammie Dodger earrings - £9
This White Rabbit brooch had me at hello, I fell in love with him straight away! I adore anything to do with Alice In Wonderland, so I knew I was going to wear this straight away (I wore it that night on my coat). The brooch's clip at the back is applied well, it's very sturdy and I haven't had any problems with it becoming loose. I really adore this piece, it adds a vintage twist to any jacket - or bag!
White Rabbit brooch - £6
Now, who can say they've Audrey Hepburn hanging from their ears? I can! These Breakfast At Tiffany's earrings swooned me instantly, for obvious reasons. I knew I needed to own them as soon as I saw them on the site, they're just amazing. I plan on wearing them to my Uncle's wedding next month, they're so glam and chic. Again, I had no irritation with these and they're comfortable and light to wear.
Audrey Hepburn earrings - £10
What I really love about The Beaut Boutique, is that not only are all of the pieces handmade, they're all extremely affordable too! I find some Etsy sellers overcharge customers for jewellery constantly, so it was refreshing to see Ruthy's purse-friendly prices. 
Are you dying to pick up a Beaut Boutique piece now? Well Ruthy decided to be even kinder, by offering my blog readers a fabulous 15% off their order by entering the code 'THUNDERTHREADS' at checkout. How fab is that? 
I highly recommend all of these pieces, and will be featuring them in future Outfit of the Day posts, so keep an eye out! Thank you Ruthy for sending me out these precious little gifts, I'm sure my readers are going to love them as much as me!